About Interprenet

InterpreNet specializes in what it has always done best: interpretation services including on-site interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI). While we offer a host of language services, we stick primarily to interpretation. This enables us to focus on our core competencies as we continue to develop innovative ways of making an interpreter available for you in any language, in any place and for a lower price than the competition. Our commitment to on-site interpretation is unparalleled in the industry.

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Quality is a top priority for our customers.  To this end our linguists have been carefully screened for a proven record of bilingual expertise, flawless translation and a thorough knowledge of nuances, vocabularies and idiomatic expressions in their respective languages. Our interpreters and translators are not only specialized in the subject matter at hand but they are familiar with the variations found within different forms or dialects of the same language. Many of our linguists are also accredited by nationally and internationally recognized bodies.

At InterpreNet, we classify our interpreters according to their language and their area of expertise in order that a reliable interpreter can be matched to your project each and every time. We make life easier for you so that you can focus on what you do best. When it comes to languages you can trust us to understand. Please email us or call us today at 1 877-928-1188 for a free consultation.

Our Story

InterpreNet was founded in 2003 by professional translators who realized that there was an inherent need for better on-site interpreters in the Chicago area. As demand grew for translation services in Chicago, there was an increasing shortage of qualified interpreters in numerous languages.

From the start, InterpreNet positioned itself as a different kind of translation agency, one that could respond to the growing needs of a bustling legal, business and medical community by elevating the standards of the interpretation industry. With our novel approach to training only the most promising linguists and recruiting interpreters with a proven track record, InterpreNet built a successful network of interpreters and translators.

Today our network of on-site interpreters has expanded internationally and continues to grow in major metropolitan centers across the United States and all over the world, where we continue our tradition of superior interpretation service. InterpreNet is also a leader of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services (RSI) in conjunction with our close technology partner Interprefy based in Zurich, Switzerland. RSI makes it possible for clients to benefit from high-level conference interpretation on our smartphone application, anytime and anywhere. Find out more by visiting our RSI page. 

Please email us or call us today at 1 877-928-1188 for a free consultation.