Please call or email us if you would like to request contact information for client references.

Thank you for everything last week! Your remote support was brilliant to deal with, it made the process super streamlined and numerous people commented on the remote interpretation services on the app, throughout the event. We have another in the series coming up and hope to go with you for the next one. I’ll keep you updated. September 2019, Events Company organizing a workshop for major technology corporation.

Interprenet saved my life. We were at a conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC for a Private Equity group and suddenly the interpretation system that we had contracted crashed! I called in and Mariana was very kind and offered me her Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform as a last-resource solution. We set up an interpretation channel in less than 30 minutes and continued with our conference. Interprenet is easy to set up and to use! August 2019, Strategy and Business Development Manager for Events Company.

The team all did great onsite and no issues at all, so thank you for checking about our 3-day conference. June, 2019, Producer for Global Finance Company. 

The evaluation of remote interpretation is positive, thanks a lot for your support. Our upcoming meeting is in August. June, 2019, Faculty Director of Humanities and Education for South American University. 

You and your team’s support pre-event was second to none. I know we asked a lot of you with regards to questions and requests (back-up smartphones for instance) and your patience and help was much appreciated. Once on-site, your team was delightful, competent and incredibly professional. All the room managers and technicians that were involved with the remote simultaneous interpretation were extremely positive both with the overall running of the sessions and their level of competency and willingness. The client was very happy with the service and I think it’s highly likely that this will become regular in future events. March, 2019, Professional Conference Organizer for major technology industry event. 

All went well. The attendees were thrilled to have this remote interpreting service available through the headsets. Thank you for everything. March, 2019, Event Coordinator for Nonprofit and Education Center. 

I was very impressed with every part of the service.  Everything ran a lot smoother then it did with our past vendor.  Your software worked flawlessly.  I was really impressed that the interpreters did the non-English videos by interpreting the English captions.  That was a very nice touch. December, 2018, Director of IT for Live Streaming and Internet Broadcasting Company.

I appreciate your flexibility during our event requiring remote simultaneous interpreting. We had some changes in the last minute and the team was very professional to adapt to our needs. October, 2018, Head of Marketing Channel for Latin America for Telecommunications Equipment provider.

You all provided a great service with your Spanish interpreting. October 2018, Land Use Planning Network Manager for Climate Change Organization.

Your team did a wonderful job and my clients were happy with the way things went with the Chinese and Japanese interpretation. Jeremy was especially helpful onsite. I appreciated his knowledge and direction – I had a lot of questions for him and he was very helpful.  Thank you for everything- I will definitely call you again if/when needed! September 2018, Project Manager for National Event Production Company.

I got your message, and I wanted to say thank you! Everything went very smoothly for our meeting and the remote simultaneous translators did an excellent job. Vasny was great; hang on to that guy! I appreciate everything you did to ensure a successful event, thank you for being so personable and timely with your responses to my not-so-tech-savvy questions. Should we need translation services in the future for any reason, I would gladly work with your company again. You were all delightful! August 2018, Senior Keeper for a Chicago Zoo

We are using your firm exclusively and have been very happy with the response and scheduling needs we have requested. July 2018, Manager at reporting services firm

Yesterday’s remote simultaneous interpreting event went out without a hitch. Thank you all for all your help. Our clients, professor, and IT folks were all pleased. I will be spreading the word about your services here at Executive Education. July 2018, Program Manager of Executive Education at prominent University Business School

Extremely thankful for your services!!! Great professionalism and customer service from Luciano and Jeremy!  The remote simultaneous [Spanish] interpreter, …. I want to make sure she gets credit for the great job she did… The interpreter, not only did she interpret the scripts, but she put a lot of the emotions in her words that reflected what keynote speakers were conveying to audience. I was very impressed with her services when interpreting the Keynote speaker and the call to action because she did not have the script ahead of time- so this was done without prior knowledge of the terminology either speaker was going to use.  Without a doubt, we would like to strengthen collaborations with InterpreNet for our Annual conference.  We would like to have your logo and contact information on our website as a token of appreciation for the very fast and prompt response to make this possible. Please share this email to the owners, directors of InterpreNet-  I want everyone in your company to know how impressed we are with your services!  June 2018, Parent University Coordinator at state council on higher education

We were very pleased with InterpreNet’s remote interpreting service into Mandarin, and all went so smoothly!! We will certainly keep you in mind for future translation services and look forward to working with you again! May 2018, Senior Events Manager, Economics Research Institute and world-renowned U.S. university

Everyone commented on how good the [Russian] translation was!  I thank you and your remote simultaneous translators for your attention to the language and the legal terms.  We look forward to working with you again in the future! April 2018, Director Graduate Program, International Studies at top U.S. university

Thank you for making last week’s conference with 8 languages and 16 interpreters a successful project. February 2018, Operations Director, Cloud-based Technology Partner

I moderated the room and all went well. The RSI platform link worked great and I had no complaints about the tech. Thanks again. January 2018, Strategist at Market Research Firm.

[The French interpreter] is excellent. She was very punctual and did a very good job translating on a matter that was not so easy. The fact that she is from Washington and knows so much about the history of the city was also a great asset for our delegation coming from Niger. December 2017, Coordinator for a leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration

Jeremy and Team, the meeting with your remote simultaneous interpretation was a success! Thank you all for everything you helped us with. You guys are fantastic! November 2017 – Office Manager at New York Office of Global Accounting Firm

I can’t express enough how thankful I am you all were able to assist us in Zurich for the meeting yesterday especially with such short notice, client & customer service. I spoke to the planners handling the meeting and they said everything went great with your remote simultaneous platform. October 2017 – Event Technology Specialist for Worldwide Meetings Company

Good morning David! I’m back in the office and I hear nothing but great feedback about the platform for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. I am so very happy that everything went well in all 4 languages. Thank you and your team for the excellent work and coordination. Looking forward to trying it again! September 2017 – Global Communications Senior Specialist for International Service Organization 

Everything went very well with the Brazilian audit. Good to hear we are ready for Russian, I also will have Iraq coming in this year. August 2017 – Regulatory Affairs Manager for Pharmaceutical Packaging Group

I did not see the deaf consumer, but I did see the interpreters a couple of times. They are lovely and very professional. Thanks for sending quality staff and working with me trying to find more Sign language interpreters at the last minute. August, 2017 – Registration and Hotel Manager for Global Advocacy Group for Literacy and Education

It went wonderful, both the translators and using the headsets and simultaneous [interpretation] in the breakout sessions worked great! Much smoother than last year, I am glad we implemented it. Thank you!! July 2017 – Director of Education Initiative at Top University

The interpreters were professional, and we had good comments on the interpretation skills. I think the setup and audio worked well. July 2017 – Global Marketing Manager for a Data Communications Equipment Provider

We were really pleased. Your Mandarin interpreter is a delight and was very well prepared. We may need to use her again as our negotations continue. I will let you know. June 2017 – VP & General Council for Supplier of Nuclear Analysis Software

I was really impressed by how smoothly everything worked with the remote simultaneous interpreters. I listened at various times to the interpretation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and I was impressed by the speed and accuracy of the interpretation. Many thanks to you and Jeremy and the interpreters! This event was difficult in terms of the content that was being presented, and I am grateful to have been working with seasoned pros. June 2017 – Associate Director for University in Chicago

Your interpreter was amazing!!   Management was very pleased but most importantly our employees were very happy.  She was very professional and did a fabulous job interpreting the topic of discussion.  We will definitely be requesting her again.  May 2017 – Payroll Manager of leading international manufacturing firm

Your Spanish interpreter was awesome!   May 2017 – Office Manager/Event Coordinator for Public Relations firm

Thank you so much for the follow up. InterpreNet’s Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services were amazing and many school leaders throughout the night asked for more information so that can use InterpreNet’s services for their future events.  April 2017 – Manager of Tactics for non-profit educational group

Thank you so much for your assistance with this.  I was told by the group that your Japanese interpreter did a great job.  All parties were more than satisfied.  March 2017 – Sr. Executive Assistant of a leader in the Energy and Safe Waste Disposal industry

The Spanish interpreter did a great job and everything went smoothly. Thank you again for your work, he was definitely needed. February 2017 – Director of Strategic Partnerships and Global Affairs at Chicago Government Office

I cannot thank you enough!  I truly appreciate your help with this and it was such last minute!  I will recommend you to everyone I know. February 2017 – Legal Assistant for Attorney representing an international organization

I am the person who chooses and recommends Interpreters/Translators for our firm and Interprenet is always my first choice.  I can think of very few issues we’ve had over the years that I have engaged your services for our attorneys and clients.  Your professionalism and integrity is valued and appreciated, Thank You Very, Very much. January 2017 – Deposition Coordinator for National Law Firm

Thank you Darianna!  It was great working with you and your team.  We’ve had no complaints about translation and all the folks here have been complimentary of what your team has done. – January 2017 – Director of Global Accounts at Production Company

Everything went well, the audit resulted in no observations, and the Portuguese interpreter did an awesome job. I am really satisfied with the services that your company provided to our company. Kind Regards – December 2016 – Regulatory Affairs Manager for Full Service Provider to Global Healthcare Industry

Everything went very well.    Your interpreters are first rate. November 2016 – Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Multinational Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Everything was fantastic! Unfortunately, we did not have as many Spanish speaking attendees as we had thought, but the family that attended really appreciated your services and it meant a lot to them. Your staff was friendly and professional, thanks again! November 2016 – Medical Social Worker at Children’s Hospital

Everything went great with your Korean simultaneous interpreters and the portable system– thank you. November 2016 – Global Event Manager at World’s Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Thanks for checking in! We didn’t have any parents show up to the event who needed Spanish translation, however found your Spanish interpreter’s presence extremely useful. It was a great opportunity for him to hear and learn more from our staff and students that will inform future events. Our Assistant Dean also had a chance to have an extended conversation with him and thinks this will continue to be a great service and resource. November 2016 – Program Coordinator for the School of Education at Top Nationally-Ranked University

Everything went well. Thank you for providing great people to work with. October 2016 – Meeting Manager for Global Manufacturer of Automotive Parts and HVAC Equipment

Everything went fine and the technician was a pleasure to work with on Sunday and throughout Monday.  I heard very positive feedback from the group, and that they could see us doing a project like this in the future. October 2016 – IT Operations Leader for Global Accounting, Consulting and Technology Firm

Everything on your end went great! Our venue was not as well staffed as originally anticipated for the day so there were complications getting into the building, the parking lot, etc. Your employees dealt well with some of the hitches that arose. Everyone arrived on time, was professional and courteous, communicated in a timely manner and above all were extremely patient given the setbacks. The technician was fantastic! He was able to set up quickly and was always very attentive to anything needed. I can’t praise your staff enough for the fabulous job they did! October 2106 – Coordinator and Advisor at a Top Nationally-Ranked University

The interpreter was excellent. October 2016—Missouri law firm

Thanks for the final invoice and for your services. You have been an enormous help and we could not have pulled off this whole event without you and your attention to detail. Thanks again we look forward to working with you soon. September 2016 – Administrative Assistant at a National Legal Association

The interpreters and tech were great.  So everything from your end was good! Thanks for everything.  As soon as I know about 2017 dates I will let you know. September 2016 – Assistant to the President of Global Manufacturer of Sports and Exercise Equipment

I was there for the first portion of the visit and the translation went well. Thanks for providing a personable and seasoned interpreter. September 2016 – Director of Customer Experiences and Events at Global Technology Firm

Thanks for following up!  Things went extremely well – everyone was so helpful and you are all such a pleasure to work with! We truly appreciate your help. September 2016, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at a Top Midwestern University

The Spanish interpreter was very helpful with his translation services and gave us great feedback for next time (providing more information/acronyms to our programs). We were very happy of the experience with you, the Spanish interpreter and the tech (who delivered the technology) and plan on using your services going forward. September 2016 – Program Coordinator for the School of Education and Social Policy at a Top Nationally-Ranked University

Last week went great! Your two Brazilian interpreters were wonderful and everyone was very impressed with their knowledge of technical terminology and their professionalism. We would definitely work with them for future VIP groups from Brazil. You were great to work with as well—I appreciate your responsiveness and the high quality service you provide, too! September 2016—Senior Stakeholder Outreach Consultant for leading developer and supplier of agricultural products

Everything went very well and your Spanish interpreter did a great job! September 2016–Marketing Coordinator/Salesforce Administrator in the printing industry

Things went well! The booths, receivers, staff, etc. were excellent – thank you again for your help. August 2016, – Program Associate for Independent Nonpartisan Think Tank on Sustainable Economic Growth. 

Thank you so much for helping us arrange a session with a Japanese interpreter. This took a lot of pressure off of us and we are thrilled to have spoken with the survivor, who said she was truly touched by our meeting. August, 2016 – Administrative Assistant for Global Nonprofit Support and Empowerment Initiative for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. 

We are very happy with InterpreNet’s efficient services and will keep you in mind next time another study tour opportunity emerges! Both of your Spanish simultaneous interpreters were absolutely wonderful!  July, 2016 – Administrative Assistant for Latin American Division of legal association.

The team was very satisfied with the service provided. I appreciate the timeliness and accountability of translators. June, 2016 – Assistant Sales Director for a South American-based Provider of Warranty Solutions.

Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you all on this project. It isn’t often we get requests for translation, but I’m glad this one worked out. From my end, everything went super smoothly and the Japanese interpreters were excellent! Made everyone’s life so much easier. June 2016 – Director of Project Management, National Market Research Agency.

Thanks so much for following up. The interpreters were absolutely wonderful to work with last week. It was also a great pleasure working with our tech – he really made sure that everything ran smoothly. We had a GREAT experience using InterpreNet and I will definitely be in touch with any future interpretation needs. I appreciate all of your help as well as your team to make our conference a great success. June, 2016 – Assistant Director of Events, Chicago-Based Global Think Tank.

I can’t say enough good things about the training that InterpreNet has supplied our team of 20 in-house interpreters. Our staff has varying levels of experience with interpreting and works in 10 different languages, and they were still able to meet our needs and provide everyone hands-on training and constructive feedback. The instructors are dynamic, relatable, and full of ideas and tricks of the trade that help with consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered interpreting. Interpreting is a skill that needs constant practice and refinement, and we are thrilled to have InterpreNet at our side for all of our training needs! May 2016 – Manager of Language Department for global nonprofit organization.

Everything in Austin went well.  We thought very highly of the translator that was sent! They wanted to keep him around for the entire 3 weeks of training because he was so nice!! They are on the road a lot and really appreciate people that make them feel like family. Also, the translation equipment change has been fantastic. April, 2016 – Operations Program Coordination, National Restaurant Chain.

Everything went well.  I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the Japanese interpreter as she was pretty busy with the Japan buyer appointments.  But, I did observe her being very conscientious about the appointments and very professional. March, 2016 – Activity Coordinator for a US Government Food Exporting Organization.

Just a brief note of appreciation for your Mandarin interpreter. She assisted us a couple of weeks ago and she performed admirably. Her ability to hold the conversation and seamlessly transition the conversation from the two languages was exceptional. She displayed professionalism throughout the business and dinner meetings. Please pass along our thanks for a job well done. March 2016 – CEO of National Supply Chain Council.

Everything went well.  I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the Japanese interpreter as she was pretty busy with the Japan buyer appointments.  But, I did observe her being very conscientious about the appointments and very professional. – March, 2016, Activity Coordinator for a US Government Food Exporting Organization.

We are so pleased with our interpreter – he as so professional and really impressive during the panel discussion. We plan to recommend your services and use them again in the future – we were very impressed!! – January, 2016 – Event Associate for National Event Management Company.

We had an absolutely wonderful experience in Cleveland with this team! The translators were amazing and did a fabulous job! Your AV crew was absolutely right on with everything and showed such attention to every detail! I was definitely impressed and would really like to use your services again in the future. Thanks again for the fabulous job! – November 2015, Senior Manager, Clinical Education of company that develops, manufactures and markets healthcare products and services worldwide.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say we are absolutely thrilled with your Japanese interpreter.  The training of our Japanese counterpart could not have possibly gone smoothly without InterpreNet’s interpretation, she was much more than an interpreter for today’s training.  My manager who conducted the session is extremely impressed with your interpreter’s expertise and has already discussed working with her in the future for assistance with further projects involving the Tokyo office.  The interpreter will be back with us tomorrow for the 2nd part of the training, but I felt compelled to let you know and to thank you for sending the right person for this assignment! – October 2015, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Manager of a Global Investment Consulting Firm.

Thank you as well for the two Spanish interpreters and the technician and for wonderful services again this year at our university’s conference. – Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs for Chicago-based University, September, 2015

Your two Spanish interpreters were fantastic. They jumped into action and were great helping with interpretation and guiding the Spanish speakers throughout the meetings. We were very pleased with both of them. We will keep your firm in mind for future opportunities! – Account Supervisor for Public Relations Firm, September, 2015 

Here is one of the comments from our executive team: “…the State has selected a partner that can take the State’s vision of creating a safer city to a reality….The Brazilian interpreter was well received and did a fantastic job. She was smart, and very clear in her interpretation. We would welcome her services again. Thanks for your help and we look forward to working with you again.”– Global Marketing Executive for a Leading Technology Corporation, August, 2015

It was a real pleasure to work with your team of French interpreters. Really, I think that now for us, it would be impossible to have our General Meeting without their help, because even if we are able to speak some English, it makes a real difference to have the interpreters translate every word and sentence the right way to be able to communicate what we want to say. – Comptroller for leading multinational company in the field of Electric Connection Systems, August, 2015

Thank you so much for following up with us. Both of your Mandarin interpreters were excellent. They both provided very professional translations ervices, and we really enjoyed working with them. Your technician was great too. He set up everything in a timely manner and was always around for questions. It has been a great experience to work with your company. We appreciate all your help with this request. We would definitely recommend your company to someone else and we will reach out to you again if we need translation services in the future. – Coordinator for International Forum at Chicagoland Community College, July, 2015

I’m now back in Limoges after that wonderful stay in Chicago. Your French interpreter did a great job; she was both very accurate, discreet and professional. – Member of Visiting Delegation from Local Government Organization in France, July, 2015

Thank you – we were very pleased with your Korean interpreter during our business meeting and we will use your company again. Please give him my regards. Thank you for being flexible. – Director of Global Markets for Multinational Bank, June, 2015

Your Brazilian Portuguese team was great, thank you for providing services to our basketball player, scouts and coaches. – Senior Manager Operations for world renown Sport Association, June, 2015

Your Mandarin interpreter was very helpful, as we expected. She is very professional in her work. Thank you for assisting us on short notice last week on this case related to software applications. – Attorney for Intellectual Property Litigation Firm, May, 2015

We really liked your Spanish interpreter.  She was on time, got on the job right away, seemed to work well with others, and stayed a little after to introduce herself and ask about the work. We would certainly plan to use her and your service again if the need arises.  Senior Advisor for a Charter School Committee, April 2015


Everything went great last week from what I saw! The Russian interpreters were on point and super helpful with Q&A, confirming with the inquirer the question to make sure it was clear. I think overall we were very pleased with their assistance and translation. – Program Manager for an International Legal Development Organization, March 2015

We want to thank you for your professional services, everything went great at our meeting. Please express our gratitude to the Spanish interpreter who exceeded our expectations and helped us with her passion for work and her lovely personality. We hope to have the opportunity to work together again when a new opportunity comes. – CEO of Renowned Mexican Tequila Manufacturer, January, 2015

Excellent, the Spanish interpreter did a great job. – President of National Wine & Spirits Brokerage Firm, December 2014

Fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about your Spanish interpreter. He was clear, had a positive attitude and was VERY PROFESSIONAL! His presence was reassuring to my Mexican customers and helped us establish credibility and rapport. – Registered Nurse at Global Manufacturer of Specialized Medical Devices, December 2014

My understanding from our technical crew was that throughout the recording of the live feed and talking to Germany during the press conference the interpretation came through just fine and everyone was very happy.  Thanks to your team for handling our last minute request! – National producer of special events and entertainment, November 2014

The Italian interpreter was amazing. She is a great asset to your company – incredibly talented and exceeded our expectations.  We will definitely be requesting her next year. – Accounts Manager at National Manufacturer of High-end Dental Products, November 2014

Thank you very much for your help. I just talked with the client and they said they were quite happy with the performance of the Japanese interpreter.  Thanks to her efforts, all of our interviews went smoothly. We really appreciate your support and hope to work with you again in the near future. – Branding/Consulting Specialist from Tokyo, Japan, October 2014

Just a note to tell you we were very pleased with your Russian interpreter. He was very professional and qualified for the task. His help provided for a smooth audit presentation and clarification of  some semantic issues for Russian Regulation requirements. – General Manager for Quality Control for Car Manufacturer North America Mfg. Division, September 2014

The audit went well and your Turkish interpreter was a great asset to the audit. Thank you again. – Regulatory Affairs Manager for an International Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider, August 2014

The Spanish interpreter was excellent.  I received great feedback from numerous people on the interpretation.  It was an absolute pleasure working with him. – Senior Program Officer at an International Non-Profit Think Tank, June 2014

Thanks for following up – all went well and as always we are very pleased with the service. We really liked the Spanish interpreter and we would love to work with her in future events. – Administrative Coordinator for Non-profit Healthy Eating Initiative, May 2014

Everything was great at Pittcon with your Japanese interpreter – thank you again. -Manager of Marketing Communications and Exhibitions for an International Maker of Analytical and Measuring Instruments, March 2014

I followed up with one of the onsite staff members as I was not at the meeting.  She said, “The interpreters were awesome – the deaf consumer seemed to really appreciate having them there”. -Shareholder Relations Coordinator at Multinational Food Processing Company, March 2014

I asked our Brazilian participants and they told me it went well, so positive feedback. – Director of Global Field Services for International Manufacturer of Packing Solutions, March 2014

The feedback received from both our CFO and President regarding the Spanish interpreter was very positive.  -Human Resource Manager at Worldwide Provider of Label and Packaging Solutions, February 2014

Everything went well.  Your Japanese interpreter was the consummate professional.  Her work was exceptional.  Even the opponent’s attorney complemented her at the end of the deposition. -Partner at National Complex Litigation Practice, February 2014

Everything went even better than we could have expected. Your Spanish interpreter helped us immensely. He was punctual, professional, courteous, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a professional interpreter. Of course we will be calling you the next time we need an interpreter. -Global Product Marketing Manager for National Manufacturer of Metal and Welding Products, New York City, January 2014

InterpreNet provided us with short advance notice Spanish simultaneous interpretation and translation service in Washington DC for a delegation from Argentina.  The work involved technical terms covering economics, business and one particular industry.  InterpreNet’s administration and staff (interpreters and support) enabled the event to be a considerable success.  We have used InterpreNet’s services before and will certainly do so again as requirements arise. – January 2014 – Managing Director of a College of Business in Michigan

Re: Korean Conference Interpretation Services – I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your team for last night’s event at the Illinois Holocaust Museum.  It was a true success for the two organizations but truly made all the better by such a fantastic and warm staff.  We will definitely use you all again!!! – November 2013 – Director of Educational Outreach & Genocide Initiatives at Illinois Museum

We found your Bulgarian interpreter to be very helpful in our investigation and thank you for your services. We will have to go back to finish up our interviews and will most likely need assistance again. We will be sure to reach out and utilize your service if so! – October 2013 – Human Resources Specialist for Global Real Estate Corporation, Washington DC

Thanks for your help during our 3-day event with the Chinese simultaneous interpreters. It was a success. – September 2013 – Program Administrator for World-Renowned Law School, Cambridge, MA 

Mark did a great job. He works well with our group. Many thanks for all of your assistance. – August 2013 – Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations for a Prime Supplier of Alloy Specialty Products in Indiana

I would like to say a huge thank you for this well done job!! My client in Brazil was very concerned about this event and I’m very happy that they are completely satisfied, which was our goal!! So please extend a huge thank you to your team! So, thanks again and be sure that I will hire you guys again for Interpretation Services in Chicago! – July 2013 – Group Manager for Destination Management Company

Everything went well last week.  The delegates seemed to have found it informative.  Jane did a nice job with the translation. It all worked out well and appreciate all your efforts to help us with a successful meeting. – July 2013 – Marketing Communications Coordinator for Global Multi-Asset Brokerage

I was extremely satisfied with your services and the simultaneous Russian translators as well. – June 2013 – Global Marketing Manager for Manufacturer of Commercial Trucks

Thank you Darianna!  As always everything went great.  Can’t say enough about the Brazilian interpreter! I have another one in July, I will keep you posted as soon as I find out if we’ll need interpreters!! – May 2013 – Executive Assistant to President of Leading Manufacturer of Fitness Equipment

Everything went great with the Japanese conference interpreting, the booth and the headsets for all 375 attendees! The client was very pleased. – April 2013 – Director of Business Development for National Special Events Company

Your interpreter is a gentleman who was easy to work with and provided accurate in-court interpretation of a witness testifying in Malayalam during a criminal case in the federal district court. Your other translator was easy to work with. He carefully listened to the recorded telephone calls in Malayalam and provided accurate transcription of those calls into English. He further testified in court in a criminal case in federal district court about the English transcripts. – March 2013 – Budget Analyst for US Attorney’s Office, New York

Your Cantonese interpreter was great to work with – we would definitely recommend her if we need her in the future. – March 2013 – Human Resources Coordinator for Global Entertainment Leader, Brisbane, California

We both thought the recording went well. Your Turkish interpreter/voice talent was prompt and professional and did a good job with the material. Timings on the script worked out well. – February 2013 – Director of Corporate Communications, for Global Water Technology Company, Milwaukee, WI

Everything was great! Thanks so much to your Spanish simultaneous interpreters, they were very professional. I look forward to working with you again. – January, 2013 – International Marketing Manager for Leading Provider of Electronics and Computer-related products

The general consensus was that your Burmese interpreter was an excellent interpreter. Very personable and professional. Definitely someone that we would call upon again in the future if the need does arise.  – December 2012 – Compensation and Benefits Manager for National Restaurant Chain

The Spanish interpreter you sent for our videoconference was fantastic. My boss was extremely pleased. We will happily recommend InterpreNet to anyone. – November 2012 – Senior Program Director of National Leader in the Design and Implementation of Quality Law-related Education Programs

Not only is your Italian interpreter a delightful lady, I also heard glowing reports from the BD team regarding her abilities. Please send her our thanks for a job well done. Thank you very much for your support. In these days of compromised customer service, you have exceeded my expectations. Truly refreshing and appreciated.– September 2012 – Director of Supply Management Contracts for Worldwide Provider of Security Systems

Everyone was really pleased with the entire day. The simultaneous translation was definitely the best choice for our event with the presentations. Management was really pleased with the process. It was great working with both of you and hope to work together again! – August 2012 – Marketing and Special Events Coordinator for Global Multi-Asset Brokerage

The conference was a great success and we have received positive comments from our attendees and the Chinese delegation. We look forward to working with you on future projects. – July 2012 – Special Projects Coordinator for a Not-For-Profit Economic Development Organization in Chicago

It was a sincere pleasure to work with all of you and we were extremely pleased with your services! – July 2012 – Manager of Global Meetings and Events for International Law Firm 

I just want to thank you again for all of the efforts and professionalism of your organization. You and your staff greatly contributed to the success of our program. We will not hesitate to use InterpreNet again in the future. – June 2012 – Senior Program Director of National Leader in the Design and Implementation of Quality Law-related Education Programs

It was nice to have your Spanish interpreter back again this year. Everything went well and she did an excellent job! – June 2012 – Vice President Corporate Services of US Leader in Managed Print and Promotional Solutions

My overall impression of your service is very good. The InterpreNet staff is very attentive and resourceful. We have been very happy working with you when our annual convention brings us to Chicago, Illinois. The participants using your ASL language service have been very satisfied. – April 2012 – Conference Services Coordinator for McCormick Place Convention

We required two Mandarin simultaneous interpreters and SI equipment for a 3-day conference about environmental issues, downtown Chicago. InterpreNet carefully selected 2 top interpreters for this event and both our US and Chinese delegates were very pleased with their services. The interpreters expertly handled the technical terminology and the equipment worked beautifully – the fully-enclosed isolation booth, the conference microphones and the headsets/receivers helped the interpretation to flow seamlessly. – February 2012 – CEO of Chicago Hospitality-Services Company

The interpreter was needed for a Russian Govt. Agency audit of our production processes in the USA and Mexico. A successful audit allows our product to be exported and sold to the Russian Federation. Each time I’ve requested an interpreter from InterpreNet, I’ve been extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism, knowledge and language skills my interpreter has possessed. They also not only bring perfect interpretation skills, but they bring the meetings to a new level of “comfortability” by allowing cultural differences to fade. I will definitely use InterpreNet again. – November 2011 – Regulatory Compliance Group Leader for a Manufacturer of Fire Safety Equipment

Our organization needed simultaneous interpretation into Spanish, French, Albanian and Russian for a global conference we were holding in the South Chicago suburbs. We found InterpreNet and their interpreters to be highly professional. The interpreters arrived on time and provided quality interpretation for our event. We would certainly use InterpreNet again for any language interpretation needs we will have! – November 2011 – Human Resources Manager for Christian non-profit organization

Both interpreters were hired for consecutive interpretation but it became obvious quite early on that this would not suffice.  They were both very professional – adapting to unexpected circumstances and providing simultaneous interpretation on the spot. If they had not been qualified to do this, I am sure my program would not have been as successful as it was.  I received numerous compliments about each of the interpreters from associates who were close to the groups they interpreted for. We have 3 programs scheduled in 2012 and will definitely call upon InterpreNet for any language needs we may have. – October 2011 – Executive Assistant to President of National Manufacturer of Fitness Equipment

The interpreter from InterpreNet was very knowledgeable and professional. He was able to correct several grammatical errors in the German script used for the product video. This helped save us time and money. I would definitely use InterpreNet again for any of my foreign language projects. They are a valuable asset to my business. – September 2011 – Owner of Design and Marketing Services Company

InterpreNet delivers quality products and quality service. When my client asked for the same interpreters as a year and a half ago, they worked effortlessly to ensure that the interpreters were available and put them on hold for us for several weeks. The equipment worked without any issues and the technician was constantly watching the attendees to make sure no one had any problems during the presentations. Thank you, InterpreNet, for helping to make my event the success it was.- August, 2011 – Event Coordinator for National Special Events Company

We were hosting several meetings at our largest and most important trade show of the year in Chicago. I received a last minute request from our Vice President of Latin America for an interpreter for a very high level meeting between our CEO and some customers from Latin America. InterpreNet came to the rescue! I was blown away by the customer service I received on the phone while making my request for a Spanish language translator! I was also impressed when the translator arrived early and was extremely professional. I would certainly recommend InterpreNet for translation services. The entire process from start to finish was smooth and couldn’t have gone better, even in my last minute dash to find someone! Thank you InterpreNet! – July, 2011 – Meeting Planner for a Medical Device Company

I was very pleased with the service and quality InterpreNet provided. Our New York client requested an interpreter who spoke Mandarin with a Taiwanese dialect. After speaking with several agencies, we were told that such a person was very rare, that they could not provide someone who fit this profile or that the Taiwanese background was not necessary. InterpreNet understood what our client wanted and immediately sent us an excellent resume of someone who fit the profile. The interpreter showed up early, was professional and my client was very happy. – June, 2011 – Director of Sales for Nationwide Provider of Legal Services

Several years ago, we needed to upgrade the caliber of Korean interpreters used in our membership examinations and were fortunate to find InterpreNet.   They are very professional and responsive.  David analyzed our needs carefully and continues to provide interpreters whom our examiners rate highly.  For these reasons, InterpreNet gets our repeat business. – May, 2011 – Director of Education at Medical Organization        

Things worked out very well with your Russian interpreter. I was very pleased with the entire experience of working with you and your company. I will definitely be contacting you again if we need interpretation services. – Marketing and Sales Assistant, for a World Leader in Packaging Equipment Technology

I was very pleased with my experience using InterpreNet. We needed Japanese interpreters for three full days in three different states. David and his team were very pleasant and professional in accommodating our schedule of meetings.  I would confidently use them again. -Executive Assistant, Global Food Processing Company

I want to say a big thank you for your services. Your interpreters were all extremely professional and timely and even patient. -Coordinator of Business to Business Conference including Presidential Delegation from Senegal

Quick, Professional and Very Accommodating.  Thank You InterpreNet for making our Focus Groups run smoothly; our client walked away extremely happy. -Facility Director for Focus Group Facility

What makes InterpreNet different is that they provide one point of contact, their translators are very professional and they always accommodate short term requests.  -Attorney for Insurance Company

I have been very pleased with my experience with InterpreNet.  The interpreters provided were top-notch, and the team was very responsive to any inquiries that I made.  They will be my first choice whenever I have a need for interpreters. –Senior Research Director for market research company

I was extremely happy with my experience using InterpreNet and could not have conducted our meeting without your help.   We are excited to use you again in the future as business opportunities present themselves. -Client Service Director for Employee Benefits Firm

Before InterpreNet, I worked with firms who didn’t translate correctly and provided summaries instead of interpretations. InterpreNet’s interpreters know the right way to interpret language. -Attorney for Insurance Company

We needed an interpreter who spoke a native language of Uganda, one of which is Acholi, for a segment about Africa that we were planning to air. InterpreNet came through fast with a professional interpreter and we were able to get our show on the air without missing a beat. -Producer of National Television Show