These days we have short attention spans. Since we don’t have time to do lengthy research, we expect to find what we are looking for instantly. We like to get to the point and make the right decision, quickly.

For this reason, we’ve crafted the most concise account of our story to date, so that you can learn about us in a few paragraphs. When it comes to interpretation, find out what sets us apart and why you’ve come to the right place.

Interprenet’s History

  • Interprenet was founded in 2003 by two Chicago interpreters, Carlos Cantu-Lee and David Medrano. Their vision was to set a high-quality standard for multilingual interpretation solutions.
  • Today we are an established global provider of in-person and remote interpretation solutions for meetings, events and web conferences of any size.
  • We cater to legal, medical, educational, government and corporate clients nationally and internationally.
  • To date we have provided interpretation services to more than 125,000 events.
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We’ve been working with Interprenet for 20 years. They are easy to work with, professional and accommodating.

They have excellent interpreters and excellent customer service…I enjoy working with Interprenet and highly recommend everyone to use them. I’ve never had a bad experience with Interprenet.

– R.J.,

The Interprenet Advantage

Stellar Customer Service

Our team of Sales, Scheduling and Service Managers has unparalleled experience in the interpretation industry.

They promptly review and diagnose your request to come up with the right solution for your meeting and oversee your project successfully until the end.

World Class Interpreters

Carefully screened linguists with a proven record of bilingual fluency and subject matter expertise.

Their thorough knowledge of nuances, vocabularies and idiomatic expressions in their respective languages means our clients keep requesting the same interpreters back.

Innovation and Technology

Driven by innovation we bring you cutting edge solutions with better quality and at lower costs.

From over-the-phone consecutive interpretation (OPI) to remote simultaneous interpreting solutions we leverage technology to deliver language services directly to your smartphone or your web conferencing platform.

Flexible Pricing

A full range of options from remote to in-person; from consecutive to simultaneous and from lean setup to no-hardware solutions gives you the needed flexibility and affordability to stay within your budget.


With a global network of thousands of qualified interpreters, support specialists and cloud-based platform resources, there is no limit to the size of your event, the number of languages, sessions or users who can receive live interpretation services on their device. Anytime, anywhere, any language.


Interprenet is positioned to deliver interpretation services on short notice with less than 24 hours’ notice.

On-demand remote interpreting services are available for some of our solutions including remote interpretation for online meetings and over-the-phone interpretation. Subject to some restrictions and language limitations.

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For Events, Meetings, and Online Conferences: Email us or call us at +1 877-808-5030.

For Healthcare, Legal, Certified Court Interpreters, and Schools: Email us or call us at +1 312-928-1188 or +1 877-928-1188.