Consecutive interpretation is the process of interpreting what is said in one language into another language, after it is said.

At Interprenet, we take the guesswork out of the selection process by recruiting only the finest consecutive interpreters with the specific skills necessary to complete your assignment successfully.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?
Consecutive interpretation is an exercise in short-term memory retention. In the consecutive mode, interpreters must remember long sentences, even paragraphs to accurately translate between languages.
Consecutive interpretation is the preferred mode of interpretation for back-and-forth sessions with questions and answers such as medical appointments, legal proceedings, school programs or business meetings to name a few. This mode of interpreting works in a similar way for both on-site and online events.
Skilled consecutive interpreters also interpret during high-level presentations in front of large audiences insofar as the speaker pauses for the interpreter after a few sentences. Depending on the type of meeting, a consecutive interpreter often takes notes and even uses shorthand techniques to retain and interpret all the words that are spoken.
For long one-way speeches and presentations, the simultaneous interpretation mode is preferred.
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How does Consecutive Interpreting Work for On-Site Meetings?

Interpreter – an in-person interpreter is present at a small meeting like a deposition, a medical appointment or a parent-teacher meeting. The interpreter hears a sentence in the source language spoken by one person and then interprets it accurately into the target language of the other person.
Speakers – participants talk to each other face to face in their respective languages. They stop after a few sentences to allow the interpreter to translate for the other person into their language.
Process – the interpreter is impartial and acts as a conduit to facilitate communication accurately between both parties. A professional interpreter is trained to actively coordinate the process of back-and-forth dialogue, to ensure that no words are omitted from the translation and that both parties can talk to each other efficiently. This is particularly helpful to speakers who have never worked with an interpreter before.

How does Consecutive Interpreting work for video, phone and web meetings?

Consecutive interpreting is also suitable for video conferences and phone calls in any language. It works in a similar way to an in-person meeting, except the interpreter and the participants are remote.

Web meetings – consecutive interpreters and participants log in and meet face to face on the same conference platform e.g. Zoom, Teams, Webex or any other video conferencing service.
Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) – with VRI a specialized interpretation platform is used, which is designed to optimize delivery of remote consecutive interpretation mostly in healthcare settings.
Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI) – with OPI consecutive interpreters are connected to a call and interpret over the phone. The interpreter interprets what is heard back and forth between the parties from one language into another.
Process – the remote consecutive interpreter provides brief instructions to the participants before starting the interpretation and makes sure everyone understands how the process works in their own language.

The Interprenet Advantage for Consecutive Interpreting Services

Best-in-class consecutive interpreters – interpreters successfully complete Interprenet’s 5-stage recruitment and quality assurance process to ensure the best interpretation for your meeting every time.

Scalability – with a dedicated recruitment department and a network of several thousand interpreters, we can provide in-person or remote consecutive interpreters for any size volume of requests whether hourly, daily or weekly assignments.

Flexibility – interpretation services can be provided on short notice, even for rare languages.

Cost-Effectiveness – Interprenet offers highly competitive rates with 2-hour and even 1-hour minimums.

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