Interprenet’s Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) in all languages unlocks international communication like never before. Powered by our cloud-based platform, RSI works effortlessly for your conference or webinar and provides a user experience unlike any other, straight to your smartphone app.

The Future of Simultaneous Interpretation is Here!
  • Over more than 70 years international audiences at conferences depended on Radio Frequency and Infrared headset receivers for language interpretation.

This is no longer the case.

With our smartphone app your audience can listen instantly to simultaneous interpretation in any language, anywhere and anytime.
Your event speakers stream audio and video to our remote interpreters through our cloud-based platform designed for high-quality conference interpreting. Accurate interpretation is then delivered back in real time to your attendees on our smartphone app.
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A seamless and straightforward way to provide access and equal footing to our diverse audience of salesforce members. Using this service is simple and saves the time and space that traditional interpretation services require.

The quality of the sound and the ease of access is what really adds value when using Interprenet.

– W.M.,
Tupperware US & Canada

The Interprenet Advantage of the Smartphone App


Our smartphone app can be used by audiences, interpreters and speakers.

The app works on all kinds of mobile devices, tablets and computers. It is compatible with your preferred headsets or earbuds.


Enterprise-grade 128-bit encryption of all audio and video streams.

Password-protected access and two-factor authentication by SMS or email for additional security.


Crystal clear audio and high-definition video.

Works on WIFI and cellular without delays or audio drops.

Simple App Integration

Embed our app link on your event app for easy access. Dial-in options available.


Unlimited numbers of app users, languages and events running at the same time around the world!


Low fee per user. Only pay for actual users.

Silent Theater

Same-language streaming from speaker to audience in trade show or other silent theater setting.

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