Interpretation Services

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is the smart solution for delivering live translation excellence to your global event at a fraction of the cost. Professionally trained human interpreters leverage the use of our technology to provide high quality interpretation to your conference anytime and anywhere in the world. Powered by our cloud-based Interprefy Platform, our technology supports real-time interpretation services for hundreds of events every year in a broad range of industries. Event participants can use our smartphone application or their electronic device of choice, to experience simultaneous interpretation in any language during conferences, meetings, webinars, webcasts and live streaming to audiences of any size. RSI cuts down substantially on the normal costs associated with traditional conference interpretation services. Learn more

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Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation

Onsite simultaneous interpretation (OSI), is the traditional way of offering conference interpretation services with soundproof booths for the onsite or in-person interpreters and Radio Frequency or Infrared Headset Receivers for the audience.  Whether you need portable interpretation equipment for group tours or stationary equipment for conventional meetings, InterpreNet provides turnkey interpretation solutions that include expert project management, world-class conference interpreters and leading SI equipment brands for all your events around the world. Learn more

Onsite Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the most common mode of interpretation used in countless business, legal, healthcare and community settings. The onsite or in-person consecutive mode of interpretation is well suited for interactive meetings such as question-and-answer or back-and-forth sessions between attorneys and deponents, doctors and patients, teachers and parents or business persons in a negotiation (to name just four examples). The parties speak in short sentences or paragraphs in the source language and then pause so that the interpreter who is also physically present can interpret what has just been said into the target language.  With a network of several thousand onsite consecutive interpreters around the world, we are fully prepared to handle all your onsite interpretation requests, even on short notice.  Learn more

Remote Consecutive Interpretation

Remote consecutive interpretation is an excellent alternative to onsite consecutive interpretation. Use any device like a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to download our Interprefy video application and securely connect to a live, face-to-face video interpreter in one of several languages including sign language. Our consecutive remote interpreters are qualified to interpret in legal, corporate and healthcare settings. Learn more

Multimedia Language Solutions

Captioning. Human or automated captions in multiple languages. Our cloud-based captioning technology is growing exponentially every day, with new features and characteristics being added as continuous advances in AI, voice recognition and automated translation increase the accuracy of live multilingual captions displayed for audiences on their mobile devices or the main screen, during meetings and events.

Simultaneous Interpretation Overlay. Our RSI platform enables our remote interpreters to login to our interface on a short moment’s notice and interpret simultaneously what they hear and see on your audio or video file. Whether it is a market research session, an internal company memo or any other type of event that requires interpretation for participants who were not able to attend, we can produce a cost-effective interpretation overlay over your file and upload to you by your requested deadline.

Audio and Video Recordings. We can produce a standard or high quality AV recording of your event with floor and/or interpretation audio overlay.

Transcriptions. Multilingual audio transcriptions for focus groups, conferences, videos, interviews and legal proceedings.

Document Translation. Count on us for accurate and reliable translations of legal documents, websites, e-learning modules, surveys, marketing materials or employee communications in all languages.


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