Consecutive Interpretation (Remote Mode)

Remote interpreting in the consecutive mode means interpreters connected to our meeting platform can provide interpretation from anywhere around the world vs interpreting onsite which requires interpreters be physically present in the same room or meeting as those who need the interpretation.


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What is Remote Consecutive Interpretation (RCI)?

Remote Consecutive interpretation is the process by which a remote interpreter interprets what is said, after it is said from one language into another. Technology plays a critical role for the remote interpreter to have a clear view of the speakers and to hear what is being said perfectly in order to interpret effectively for the listeners.


Remote consecutive interpretation can be offered in two primary ways:

  • Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

With OPI, a remote interpreter can only hear what is being said before interpreting it into another language since the interpretation takes place through a phone call without a video feed. It is the most cost-effective method of providing consecutive interpretation and it is available on short notice.

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) via Video Conferencing

VRI is a commonly used term to refer to consecutive interpretation provided by a remote interpreter who can both be seen on an electronic device and can also see everyone else participating in a meeting regardless of where they may be.  When we refer to remote consecutive interpretation in this section we are referring primarily to the video conferencing type allowing the interpreter to be seen and heard on live streaming video.

How does Remote Consecutive Interpretation (RCI) work?

  • The remote interpreter logs in to your web conferencing platform of choice, including our own Interprefy platform.
  • The interpreter is approved to work remotely with a professional computer system that includes an HD webcam, a USB microphone and a reliable broadband Internet connection.
  • Meeting participants log into web conferencing platform from one or multiple locations with the appropriate hardware and internet connectivity to be seen and heard perfectly by the interpreter.
  • The interpreter provides some basic instructions and rules of engagement when working with professional consecutive interpreters.

What are the benefits of Remote Consecutive Interpretation (RCI)?

  1. User-friendly since clients can use their own web conferencing platform of choice and invite the interpreter to join. Our own Interprefy platform is a great option for organizations that don’t already have a preferred web conferencing service.
  2. Easy to set up since it only requires modern day computer equipment and hardware readily available in offices and meeting venues with a stable high speed internet connection.
  3. Short notice requests can be accommodated easily. Since interpreters can work remotely from anywhere around the world, there is a much bigger supply of qualified interpreters for a given job, making interpreter scheduling simple and hassle-free.
  4. Languages of lesser diffusion or rare languages can be provided in areas whether there is no local availability like for example rural communities, small cities or vacation resorts.
  5. High-level interpreters with specialized training for legal, medical, community and business interpretation.
  6. Interpreters don’t need to travel which lowers the costs associated with onsite interpretation.
  7. Ideal for interviews, brief meetings, online and on-premise proceedings and other events for which consecutive interpretation is required.
  8. Alternatively, remote simultaneous interpretation may be a better option for longer interactive meetings or presentations such as webinars and webcasts.


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