InterpreNet is a network of talented on-site interpreters in all languages providing services to insurance and case management companies throughout the United States. Whether you need a qualified interpreter for an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), a Workers’ Compensation hearing, an Employee Benefits Presentation or a Claim Investigation, you can trust us to understand all your language requirements. 

At InterpreNet, our strength lies in our ability to match the right interpreter to every project. To accomplish this, each interpreter is classified according to their level of interpretation skill as well as their area of specialization. For example, an interpreter who is certified to interpret medically during an IME may not necessarily be qualified to interpret during a Workers’ Compensation hearing. The interpreters we assign to Workers’ Compensation hearings must be approved for legal interpretation because of the unique procedures involved.

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Interpreters and Translators with business-specific knowledge


Full range of simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental options


Interpretation and translation services for school districts and colleges


One-stop language service solution for federal and state agencies


Certified court interpreters and three-stage quality control for legal translations


Specialized linguists trained for medical subject matters