Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

InterpreNet, Ltd., is a top provider of on-site language interpreters to non-governmental (NGO) and non-profit organizations. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, our network of interpreters extends throughout the United States and is rapidly spreading to other countries. 

Our professional interpreters are highly-experienced working with programs and projects that aim to facilitate economic, political, legal and social reforms worldwide. Selected for their exceptional language skills and their high level of specialization, our interpreters have worked for international programs in areas of education, government, employment, law, industry, democracy and journalism. The interpreters who we assign to these programs can interpret technical and legal terminology accurately. They are chosen for their superb people skills and the ability to work with large groups. 

Our experience working with non-governmental organizations gives us a unique insight into the type of service you expect and how to deliver it in the most-cost effective manner. Our rates are competitive and fall within your funding requirements. We are confident that when you let us handle your interpretation needs, in the long term we can save you time and money by matching the right language specialist to your program and letting you focus on what you do best. 

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Interpreters and Translators with business-specific knowledge


Full range of simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental options


Interpretation and translation services for school districts and colleges


One-stop language service solution for federal and state agencies


Certified court interpreters and three-stage quality control for legal translations


Specialized linguists trained for medical subject matters