Onsite Interpretation Services in all languages  

We specialize in providing onsite interpretation services throughout the United States in more than 100 languages (and more than 200 for telephonic). 

To help you navigate our site smoothly and capture the full scope of our onsite interpretation services we classify our services in two ways: interpretation mode and industry type.

Interpretation Modes:          

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: In the simultaneous mode the interpreter provides real time interpretation of what the speaker says in one language into the target language. Simultaneous Interpretation is a superior language service which is highly demanding both physically and mentally. Per industry standards simultaneous interpreters must work in pairs and take turns at interpreting every 25 minutes to ensure accuracy and preserve the interpreters’ health. Learn more. 
  • Consecutive Interpretation: In the consecutive mode of interpretation the client speaks in short sentences or paragraphs in the source language and then pauses so that the interpreter can interpret what has just been said into the target language. The interpreter works alone although sometimes a partner is recommended. Learn more. 

Industry Types:        

  • Education The onsite interpreters who we assign to projects on behalf of institutions of higher-education are qualified to interpret in academic meetings and lectures. Learn more. Related page: School Districts
  • Government:   Government agencies  use our interpreters in accordance with their level of certification and skill, for disability hearings, psychiatric evaluations, foreign dignitaries and classified assignments among others. Learn more. - Related page: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
  • Healthcare: Our large pool of trained medical interpreters enables Interprenet to meet the high demand for onsite translation services in hospitals, clinics, patients’ homes and other healthcare facilities. Learn more. - Related page: Insurance

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Interpreters and Translators with business-specific knowledge


Full range of simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental options


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Certified court interpreters and three-stage quality control for legal translations


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