Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the process of interpreting what is said, from one language into another, while it is being said. Though historically it was offered by on-site interpreters, in the last few years remote interpretation has revolutionized the industry by providing equivalent interpreting services at a fraction of the cost.

Interprenet is the world’s largest network of remote simultaneous interpreters delivering high-quality interpretation to global audiences through our smartphone app. Event attendees can enjoy conference-level interpreting by listening to the language of their choice in crystal-clear audio on smartphones or headset receivers.

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)?

  1. Simultaneous interpretation – Simultaneous interpretation is the process of interpreting what is said, from one language into another, while it is being said. Simultaneous interpreters must think extremely quickly and in two different languages, as they interpret everything said by the speaker in real time to the audience listening on smartphones or other devices.
  2. Remote Simultaneous interpretation – Historically simultaneous interpretation has only been offered by interpreters onsite and it involved the procurement and distribution of wireless headsets and receivers, as well as soundproof booths for the interpreters. However, this is no longer the case as remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) eliminates the need for onsite interpreters and equipment.
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What are the benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)?

    1. Simplicity without compromise – Interprenet makes it beautifully simple to host events and meetings in multiple languages anytime anywhere.
    2. Best in class intepreters – eligible remote conference interpreters successfully complete Interprenet’s proprietary 5-stage recruitment and quality assurance process to ensure the best simultaneous translators for your event every time.
    3. Scalability – there is no limit to the number of participants or number of languages provided. Services can be offered in difficult-to-reach locations and to remote attendees.
    4. Flexibility – interpretation services can be provided on short notice, even for rare languages.
    5. Environmentally-friendly – interpreters don’t travel and equipment requirements are minimal, which greatly reduces the event’s carbon footprint.
    6. Stunning audio quality – the end user enjoys the interpretation sound in high definition, with extremely low latency and no audio drops.
    7. Easy to use – everything is built with the user in mind. The easy smartphone app offers a seamless experience to event and meeting attendees.
    8. 24/7 global support – tailored technical support during conferences, enabling organizers to focus solely on achieving their event outcomes.
    9. Cost-effective – since interpreters don’t have to travel or stay in expensive hotels and interpretation equipment is no longer needed, remote interpreting greatly reduces the cost of traditional onsite interpretation.
    10. Online meetings – remote simultaneous interpreting is ideal for meetings of any kind including online events such as web meetings, webinars and webcasts.

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How does Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) work?

  1. Speaker — a presenter speaks in one language. Their voice and image are streamed live to a remote interpreter, typically through a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Interpreter(s) — an interpreter hears and sees the speaker on their device. Using a quality headset and microphone, they translate the speaker’s language into another language, in real-time.
  3. RSI Platform — the interpreter’s speech is transmitted to a cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform through their laptop or desktop computer. Good broadband is essential! Platforms like Interprefy integrate with popular teleconferencing products like Skype, WebEx, and Zoom, as well as offering a standalone web conferencing service.
  4. Audience — attendees and/or delegates can connect to the RSI platform via a computer or mobile device, seeing and hearing the speaker in the language of their choice.

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