Technical Information

High Quality Audio and Video

  • Full bandwidth (20 Hz – 20kHz) audio at 48kHz sample rate; this is among the highest on the market and provides crystal-clear sound for the interpreters
  • Reliable connections with automatic line monitoring and auto-reconnect in the event of the Internet connection being interrupted
  • Compatible with traditional audio equipment and software: Dante, Bosch, Sennheiser, etc.
  • High-quality HD video of the speaker for the interpreters, at 720p resolution
  • Lip sync: sound and image are fully synchronised
  • Easy integration with existing cameras on site and simple switch between video channels
  • Large-scale events: thousands of users at one or many locations can be connected simultaneously
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Ease of Use for Participants

  • User-friendly and versatile web interfaces for the speaker and audience, developed in close cooperation with users and experienced conference organisers. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, with easy selection of language channels within the app
  • Convenient login by typing in a single token once, no registration needed
  • Phone calls can be received and other apps can still be used while listening to interpreting
  • Low battery consumption allows users to listen for an entire day

Intuitive Interface for Interpreters

  • Clear and intuitive web interfaces developed in close collaboration with experienced interpreters and professional conference organisers
  • Relay simultaneous interpreting is simple and intuitive: fast one-click switch between languages
  • Interpreters can select between multiple videos of speakers and audience (if used at the venue)
  • Smart countdown timer, to facilitate the handover between interpreting booth partners
  • Integrated screen-sharing feature allows the speaker to share the presentation during the speech
  • Interpreters can chat with the speaker, their booth partner, or request help from the event moderator.

Event Management Center for Partners

  • Complete overview of all your events: dates, times, location, languages, responsible managers and moderators, etc.
  • Event or company logo is visible on the App, reinforcing the partner’s or client’s brand identity
  • Simple 3-step event wizard that helps you adding new events and creating your own access tokens
  • Possibility to add event manager profiles, with their own logins and access limited to events they manage
  • Calendar with automatic synchronization between time zones
  • Video and audio files can be recorded for post event use
  • Time usage chart for event tracking
  • Advanced moderator interface provides a detailed overview of users and connections in real-time, allowing remote control of all microphones and channels.

Privacy and Security

  • Interprenet applies best practices for network security on the Interprefy platform — a 128-bit encryption across all communication streams is used; SRTP encryption is used for media and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation.
  • The Interprefy software is installed on dedicated servers on several continents
  • Separate cloud-based sessions and language rooms — which are accessed by individual tokens — are created for each event.
  • Guarantees that no voice data is recorded or stored can be provided, unless required by the client
  • Confidentiality is assured — the interpreters provided by Interprefy and the staff have all signed NDAs