In legal proceedings, allowing every person to have their moment to be heard and understood is crucial. Court jurisdictions all over the country are leveraging technology to create new ways to make this possible.

They are saving money and time, while protecting people’s health and safety. If you are looking for equal language access to justice, choose Certified Court Interpreting Services from Interprenet.

Why use Certified Court Interpreters (CCI) Remotely?

Remote Certified Court Interpreters (CCI)
Court Certification is the highest level of state accreditation for judiciary interpreters. Sworn to adhere to stringent ethical and professional standards, our certified interpreters are uniquely qualified to interpret accurately during criminal and civil legal proceedings.
With a limited number of Certified Court Interpreters nationwide, our remote network of court translators optimizes the use and availability of expert interpreters when you need them most, even on short-notice and for less common languages.
Simultaneous interpretation is a key component of CCI, enabling trained remote translators to interpret in real time which greatly reduces the duration of a hearing.
Interprenet integrates CCI into any meeting platform from Zoom, to Cisco WebEx to Teams and many more. For in-person hearings we can custom-build or adapt your courtroom AV system to integrate remote simultaneous interpretation.
Our remote certified interpreters undergo rigorous interpretation platform training and are fully compliant with our quality audio and internet connectivity standards.
Remote CCI includes tech support during proceedings, training videos and customized workshops – led by experienced court interpreters – for judges, attorneys and legal professionals who want to learn and benefit from remote CCI.
CCI is ideal for any kind of remote, in-person or hybrid hearing including arraignments, bond hearings, jury trials, conferences, out-of-court and law-enforcement settings.
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Interprenet has provided reliable, responsive, and quality language services for us since 2012.

Interprenet greatly values its customers and goes above and beyond to provide great service. The company is operated by business owners who understand that relationships matter.

– E.R.,
Korey Richardson

The Interprenet Advantage for Court and Legal proceedings


Our company’s commitment to excellence is built on long-lasting ties with top professional linguists.

At Interprenet, our licensed court interpreters average more than 5 years of professional experience and are certified through state and federal accreditation exams.


To date, we have provided legal interpretation services for tens of thousands of depositions, arbitrations, and hearings throughout the United States.

We have an order fulfilment rate of 99.75%, and can manage any number of interpreter requests.


We support short-notice and on-demand interpretation requests through our extensive network of in-person and remote court interpreters.

Our cloud-based technology platform is an ideal solution to provide video remote interpretation at your meeting.


Interprenet offers competitive hourly rates with low hourly minimums, depending on each local market.

Please email us or call us at +1 312-928-1188 or +1 877-928-1188 for a free consultation.