Conferences with thousands of international delegates, high-stakes boardroom meetings, global corporate announcements; whatever the event, you already have enough on your plate. Let us manage the interpretation for you in any language, anytime and anywhere.

Do you need interpretation?

Whatever the event, we have the right solution for you.
  • With our worldwide network of the finest specialized linguists, we deliver accurate interpretation services to you and your audience for any kind of meeting or event.
  • Real-time interpretation can be streamed straight to your audience on our smartphone app.
  • In-person interpreters can accompany your delegation during their meetings.
  • Simultaneous or consecutive translation interpretation services can be fully integrated into your online event.
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With today’s technology and internet capabilities, there’s no reason why everyone should not be using remote interpretation. By removing what is typically a very loud distraction in the back of the rooms, we moved the interpreters off-site with no impact to the on-site quality interpretation.

As someone who hosts events around the world, I love being able to use the same interpretation team without needing to pay for their expenses and travel. Using Interprenet has been a huge time and money saver for our events.

– B.H.,
Currency Research

Does planning for interpreting services overwhelm you?

We offer Simplicity Without Compromise
Meeting planners and conference organizers can can breathe easily while we take care of the interpreting, every bit of it.
Events requiring interpretation can be quite different one from another with varying levels of complexity.
We diagnose your event and quickly identify the perfect solution needed to overcome existing language barriers
It may be an in-person interpreter specialized in legal terminology to remote simultaneous interpreters for a pharmaceutical conference
Or you may require simultaneous interpretation equipment for a study tour or a video remote interpreter for a healthcare appointment. Either way, when it comes to interpretation, we have you covered.

The Interprenet Advantage – Meetings and Events


What sets us apart is that we are interpretation experts.


As forward-thinking innovators, we leverage technology to ensure interpreting accuracy and reliability.


There is no limit to the number of participants, sessions, languages or breakout rooms for which we can offer interpretation at any event.


Use any electronic device from a smartphone to a digital headset to listen to crystal clear interpreting audio. Stream the interpretation to remote participants and integrate into web meetings and webinars.


With our lean interpreter service solutions, the interpreters don’t travel, and little to no equipment setup is required.


Our technology dramatically lowers interpretation costs, while enhancing the quality of our conference interpretation services.


Full array of audio and video recording services to support your event from interpretation overlay to multilingual transcription services.

Next Generation Stats

Complete reporting capabilities detailing usage per language, session and room, to help you make the best decisions and increase ROI.

Live Conference Interpreting at an Event
Brochures  | Interpreting Solutions For Conferences, Meetings & Events

Download the brochure for an overview of multilingual interpreting and translation solutions for your conference, meeting, or event.

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