Mission critical meetings, video conference calls for upcoming strategy decisions, broadcasting live events; whatever online session needs to occur, we can seamlessly integrate remote interpretation services across multiple languages.

Do you need remote interpreters for more than one language in an important meeting or web conference?

See why we are the consultant experts providing the best turnkey interpreting solution.
  • With Interprenet’s leading network of remote simultaneous and consecutive multi-language translators, we’ll deliver the painless solution to your online meeting on your preferred video conferencing platform.
  • Zoom, Teams, Webex; the list of available online video conferencing services is endless. We offer our own standalone solution, or we can just as easily work with your existing software that supports multilingual interpreting services.
  • Real-time simultaneous interpretation can be streamed live to your participants through your web conferencing platform or on our easy-to-use smartphone app or dial-in option.
  • Consecutive interpreters can also support your virtual classrooms with online interpretation solutions to ensure nobody is left behind. Whatever the multilingual translation need, we have the custom solution for you.
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Just want to say thanks for providing awesome support on our web conference today. The Interprefy app is rock-solid and the quality of the interpretation continues to be top-notch.

Still somewhat amazed this works at all but after you do it a few times without a hitch it’s clearly no fluke: you know your stuff.

– B.L.,
Transport Canada

The Interprenet Advantage for Meetings Integrating Multilingual Remote Interpreting


As interpretation consultant experts we form the best online interpreter teams for your customized interpreting solution.

Our remote simultaneous and consecutive multi-language interpreters have the required training and proven experience to perform flawlessly in each niche’s technical subject matters.

Remote Support

With professional technical support available to continuously monitor the interpretation during your event, you can rest assured that your participants will enjoy seamless and uninterrupted interpretation throughout.


Complete multilingual web conferencing with virtual breakout rooms in as many languages as needed to drive maximum participation.

Schedule recurring online meetings, workshops, and webinars for the whole year for groups all across the world.


We will easily integrate with or adapt to your existing web conferencing service, software, and platform so your users will experience no difference with the interpretation.

On-demand remote simultaneous interpretation across video has never been easier. We even guarantee same-day service for some languages.


Continue to use your current web-enabled conferencing hardware and electronic devices without concern.

No need to rent or purchase any conference interpreting equipment and our interpreters don’t need to travel anywhere since they work remotely, just like most of your users.


Hourly, half day or full day interpretation rates are available. Discounted rates for regular clients who host daily, weekly and monthly meetings with online interpretation.

Rates include online interpreting, integrating with your video conferencing platform like Zoom, Teams, ON24, WebEx, or BlueJeans, and also remote interpretation support services.

Real-Time Remote Interpreting (RSI)
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Download the brochure detailing how Interprenet delivers high-quality interpretation to global audiences at a fraction of the cost.

Please email us or call us at +1 877-808-5030 for a free consultation.