In addition to our suite of live interpretation solutions, we offer a host of multimedia services to capture multilingual content through video, audio, transcription and document translation.
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I was very impressed with every part of the service. Everything ran a lot smoother than it did with our past vendor. Your software worked flawlessly.

I was really impressed that the interpreters did the non-English videos by interpreting your English captions. That was a very nice touch.

– J.N., Digitell

Audio and Video Recordings with Interpretation Overlay

What’s better than live interpretation? How about the added benefit of being able to revisit your meeting with language interpretation already embedded into your source audio and video file?

We can produce a cost-effective standard or high-quality AV recording of your event with interpretation overlay and upload it to you by your requested deadline. Benefit from high-quality live interpretation services during your event and keep a recording for future use.

The way it works:
You stream the event live to us or you can also send us a video recording of your event.
Our remote interpreters log in to our platform and simultaneously interpret what they hear and see from your event.
We then mix the audio and video files and return the multilingual version to you.
  • Available in less than 48 hours or within your preferred timeframe.
  • Whether it is a market research session, an internal company memo, or a training workshop maximize the value of your recorded presentations with interpretation overlay.

Multilingual Captioning

We can help you meet ADA requirements by providing live captions during any of your events. If you need live captions for conferences, seminars or meetings of any size, take advantage of our customized solutions in multiple languages.

  • With a global network of human captioners, re-speakers and simultaneous interpreters standing by, we offer a full range of options to ensure high-quality live captioning in any language.
  • Our voice-recognition technology and machine translation capabilities further increase your choices so that you can identify the optimal captioning solution for your event. Captions can be displayed for audiences on their mobile devices and large screens.
  • While human captioning and interpretation are always the most accurate, advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are closing the gap by enabling cost-effective automated captions in many languages.
  • Our cloud-based captioning technology is growing exponentially every day, with new features and characteristics being added.
  • Contact us or learn more about Real-Time Live Multilingual Captioning.


Multilingual audio transcriptions for focus groups, conferences, earnings calls, videos, interviews and legal proceedings:

Qualitative Research Transcription Supporting market research companies with cost-effective multilingual transcriptions for qualitative research including focus groups, ethnographic studies and in-depth interviews.
Academic Transcription Universities, schools and academic institutions use us to transcribe and translate conferences, lectures and group discussions in any language.
Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription Ideal for public hearings, 911 calls, legal proceedings and hearings that need to be transcribed from and into any language.
Business Transcription Whether you need monolingual or interpretive transcriptions, we offer the perfect transcription solution for your conference calls, trainings and webinars.

Translation Services

We help you understand, engage and grow your audience with the written word in more than 75 languages. Legal contracts, websites, e-learning modules, surveys, marketing materials or employee communications, regardless of your translation needs we have you fully covered.

Since 2003 we have provided accurate, reliable and affordable translation services through our global network of specialized translation partners.

Marketing and Market Research Translation Supporting businesses, marketing and market research firms to translate documents at every stage of their market analysis.
Corporate Training and eLearning Translation We can localize and translate your corporate training content including web-based training programs, multimedia applications and learning content management systems.
Museum & Cultural Translation When you are looking to engage and attract international visitors or multilingual speakers in your local community, we support the translation needs of museums and cultural centers.
Legal & Law Enforcement Translation Whether it is a contract, a deposition transcript or a legal complaint, law firms look to Interprenet for all their document translations.
Website Translation & Localization Localization of website content and marketing materials that is designed to appeal to the target market’s culture. By adapting the source content less literally we ensure that it resonates with the intended audience while communicating the message accurately.
Technical Translation Certified translators are selected for your technical translation based on their level of accreditation, experience and specialization in the subject matter at hand. In addition, our quality control process requires every translation to be edited by a separate linguist for complete accuracy and proper formatting, before final review.

Please email us or call us at +1 877-808-5030 for a free consultation.