With so many live meetings and events worldwide, attendees need a fast, reliable way to process the information provided and take actionable steps. From keynote speeches at your conference to weekly brainstorming sessions, we make transcripts readily available to you in any format and any language.

What are Meeting and Event Transcripts?

  • A post-event transcript is a text file of your meeting, event, or conference generated through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
  • The transcript can be generated in any of the spoken languages. It is then edited by a professional human linguist to ensure accuracy and proper flow.
  • Edited transcripts can be made available within one business day from the conclusion of the meeting, and sometimes earlier depending on the topic, language and number of speakers.

Why do clients request our meeting and event transcripts?

  • There are many platforms that offer automatic captions, but they are less effective because errors cause issues in understanding or flow, or they are inconsistent in producing intelligible information.
  • At Interprenet, our captioning process is designed to be intelligent from the start. Before your meeting, our advanced glossary creation process greatly improves the quality of the automatic speech recognition. This reduces the cost and shortens the time required by our expert editors to produce an excellent meeting transcript.
  • With superior editing capabilities, our translators specialize in the topics being transcribed and can review technical terminology proficiently.
  • When participants attend business meetings in their second or non-native language, it’s very helpful for them to obtain an accurate transcript in their language as soon as possible. Even if they benefit from interpretation and captioning services during the meeting, these customers must still review everything closely afterwards, to ensure they do not miss any vital points.
  • At global events, in different time zones, not everyone can attend easily. By quickly accessing multilingual conference, meeting or event transcripts, participants can review content efficiently and stay on top of all communication.

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How Meeting and Event Transcripts Work

Transcripts can be ordered ahead of your event, in the desired languages.
Client compiles key meeting content and submits to our translation team for advanced glossary creation (subject to some limitations).
Regardless of the client’s meeting platform, we feed the event through our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system to generate draft transcripts in selected languages.
Transcript files are processed for appropriate timestamps, speaker names and document format.
Our translation and editing team proofread and edit text to produce a completed transcript delivered to you within the required timeframe.
Transcripts are often requested as part of our broader suite of event-related multilingual solutions including Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, AI Captions, Embedded Multilingual Subtitles, and Recorded Audio-Video Interpretation Overlay. When ordering such services, the transcript production process may vary a little, but the end result is the same: a high-quality transcript in any language.

The Interprenet Advantage for Conference, Meeting and Event Transcripts


What sets us apart is that we are language experts with the linguistic and technical capabilities to deliver pertinent solutions for your non-live and live projects.


As forward-thinking innovators, we integrate a variety of live and non-live language solutions including Subtitles, Interpretation Overlay, and AI Captions OR Human Captions, to create one amazing user experience for all your viewers.


With a global network of thousands of qualified translators, support specialists and cloud-based platform resources, there is no limit to the size of your project, the number of languages, or even tight delivery timeframes.

24/7 Global Support

Tailored technical support during subtitling projects with superior production, certified translation, and technical project management services.

Stellar Customer Service

Our team of Sales, Scheduling and Service Managers has unparalleled experience in the language services industry. They promptly review and diagnose your request to come up with the right solution for your meeting and oversee your project successfully until the end.

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