Businesses across industries wishing to communicate with a linguistically and culturally diverse audience require intelligent translation.

From market research and marketing to legal and law enforcement, human resources, e-learning, technology, life sciences, healthcare and more, intelligent translation effectively connects your brand and voice with your valued customers in their preferred language.

What Is Intelligent Translation?

  • Intelligent translation goes well beyond translating text from the source language into the target language. It ensures that the precise meaning behind the words, including linguistic nuances and cultural subtleties — is clearly communicated.
  • In addition to adopting advanced language technology, intelligent translation requires the mastery of experienced, native-speaking linguists with subject matter expertise in specific domains.
  • But intelligent translation goes even one step further — it seamlessly integrates into an elaborate suite of interrelated multilingual solutions. While it is an individual part of the whole, it does not work apart from the whole.

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You have highly impressed our end client with the professionalism and fast turn around. You did something that would take their previous translation vendor to do in a month’s time, down to 3-5 business days.

The global team as well [we] were high[ly] impressed with the accuracy of translation. Usually some translation would have 70 to 80% accuracy, but you guys gave us 95% to 99%.

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When And Where Is Intelligent Translation Used?


Market Research

Market research is critical for companies that wish to sell their products and services at home or abroad. In an attempt to gather relevant data on their target audience’s unique challenges, likes, and dislikes, researchers often engage with a diverse group of individuals through online surveys and questionnaires. This type of research can be invaluable to brands, helping them make informed decisions regarding how to best market their products and services. By working with a trusted language services provider (LSP) seasoned in intelligent market research translation and interpreting, you’ll ensure your brand’s messaging resonates clearly with everyone, regardless of the locale in which they live or the language they speak.

Legal and Law Enforcement

The need to gather, create, and maintain a high volume of documentation within the legal and law enforcement fields goes without question. Law firms, legal teams, and professionals throughout the nation’s complex court system depend on secure, confidential, and accurate documentation. From letters of intent, contracts, and deposition transcripts, to legal complaints, public hearings, and police interviews, documentation is a critical element to successful legal processes. Professionals within the legal environment are also required by law to share certain documents with individuals such as those that explain how to access federal services or benefits. Oftentimes, these vital documents need to be translated into any number of languages to ensure equal language access. That is where intelligent translation takes center stage. As a complementary service to market research interpreting, intelligent translation tailors high-quality, specialized translation to meet your and your clients’ unique needs.

Human Resources

Research now shows that a workforce committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) benefits all. When businesses embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee performance tends to strengthen and employee retention increases. The best way to convey a company’s DE&I values lies in effective written communication. From corporate training and eLearning courses to employee handbooks, company website messaging, corporate policies and more, human resources departments now manage a growing volume of essential documentation for employees and prospects alike. And, when companies go a step further to ensure this documentation is available in multiple languages, they reinforce their commitment to DE&I and deepen employee trust. Intelligent translation, coupled with professional interpreting services, enhances employee-employer communication and helps businesses expand (and retain) their diverse workforce.

Market Research

User manuals, product descriptions, operating instructions — technical documentation is required for many products before they can even be placed on the market. When written in clear, simple language, technical documentation increases the chances that your product will be used appropriately, thereby minimizing any associated risks. When marketing to linguistically diverse markets, however, this niche documentation must be translated by linguists with expertise in the languages and subject matter at hand. Intelligent technical translation does just this. Professional technical translators apply consistent, standardized terminology throughout your technical documents. In short, technical translators working in unison with technical interpreters, improve customer comprehension, enhance customer experiences, and open your products to new markets.

How Does Intelligent Translation Work?

Interprenet’s in-house and global translation teams are uniquely chosen based on their level of accreditation, experience, and specialization in the subject matter at hand . In addition, our quality control process requires every translation to be edited by a separate linguist for complete accuracy and proper formatting before final review. We are firmly committed to high-quality translation, incorporating additional language services when and where needed. Interprenet is your trusted LSP, helping you understand, engage, and grow your audience with intelligent translation in more than 75 languages.

Translation is an interrelated solution that is one part of the Interprenet Ecosystem and our full suite of Language Access Solutions. To access our intelligent translation solutions, the process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Simply call or email our friendly customer service staff and let us know which type of intelligent translation you require.
  2. Our Scheduling and Service Department will promptly review and diagnose your request, connecting you with your very own team of seasoned linguists and Project Managers.
  3. We will work in collaboration with you, every step of the way, overseeing your project through to successful completion.

Looking to engage and attract international visitors or multilingual speakers in your local community? Wanting to ensure an enjoyable and authentic user experience for your diverse and global website visitors? Interprenet also supports the translation needs of museums and cultural centers, and offers first-class website localization services designed to appeal to your target market’s unique language and culture.

The Interprenet Advantage: Intelligent Translation Services

Unlike the traditional approach to offering interpreting or translation as stand-alone services, our interpreting and translation solutions join together to create a unique and innovative language services ecosystem.

Our valued human linguists coupled with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) work together, creating the backbone of all we do. Place your trust in a Language Service Provider (LSP) with an innovative mindset. Place your trust in Interprenet.

Linguists + Technology

Interprenet’s linguists are an integral part of our translation processes with invaluable expertise in several facets of the translation process, including quality assurance, editing, and glossary creation. In addition, Interprenet is committed to integrating the best-in-class translation technology to bring our clients an unparalleled level of translation and language services quality.

Suite of Language Solutions

Interprenet’s innovative confluence of our suite of language solutions helps our clients use their own data more efficiently while improving the quality of AI-generated translation, interpreting, and captioning.

World-Class Translation Team

With a robust, global network of specialized translation providers, Interprenet is committed to accurate, reliable, and affordable translation services. Interprenet’s integrated translation — simply a cut above the rest.

Why Choose Interprenet’s Intelligent Translation?

An indispensable part of our core language services, such as interpretation and captioning — ideal for meetings and conferences of any size or duration

Invaluable support for pre-event planning (prep materials, PPTs, etc.) and post-event communications (transcripts, follow-up documentation, etc.)

A truly hybrid approach, incorporating cutting-edge translation and experienced, professional, native-speaking linguists

The latest and best-in-class technology — we work with our own (and other) Translation Management Systems (TMSs) and Translation Memories (TMs) in addition to (when applicable) Machine Translation (MT) to leverage the highest quality of translation that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to offer

Translation that seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms to strengthen synergy and efficiency

Looking for some more information on Interprenet’s approach to translation? See Timely, Precise Multilingual Translation Services for Meetings and Events .

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