From heads of state to corporate leaders, the first choice for precise understanding of every spoken word is simultaneous interpretation.

When delivered by top professionals, the level of accuracy of simultaneous interpretation is so high that it can be used not only for live events but embedded in any video or media file as interpretation overlay.

Interpretation overlay is often requested as a standalone solution to make pre-recorded videos available in any language and on-demand.

What is Interpretation Overlay?

  • Interpretation Overlay is a process by which audio content in a recording is overlaid with interpretation audio. Overlay allows viewers to watch any video or listen to a podcast in their preferred language.
  • The specialized interpreters chosen for an overlay project prepare ahead of time like they would for a live event. They are then scheduled to record the interpretation simultaneously into their target language, as they watch and listen to the video in the source language.
  • Overlay can also be delivered as a post-production service after a live event requiring simultaneous interpretation.

How is Interpretation Overlay Used?

  • Virtual conferences in different time zones. The video of the event is prerecorded in different languages but treated as a live event from the audience’s perspective.
  • Emergency announcements. A CEO may need to provide an update to the entire global workforce on short notice. Interpretation Overlay services can be fast-tracked more easily than comparable voiceover services and made available on demand for repeated views in time-sensitive situations.
  • Podcasts, training seminars, manuals, courses in audio or video format are easier for international audiences to understand and maximize your ROI when overlay is made available in all languages.

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I was very impressed with every part of the service.

Everything ran a lot smoother than it did with our past vendor. Your software worked flawlessly. I was really impressed that the interpreters did the non-English videos by interpreting your English captions. That was a very nice touch.

– J.N.,

How Interpretation Overlay Works

You submit your video recording or media file to our production team.
Our remote interpreters review your video and prepare for your event. They log into our platform and expertly interpret what they hear and see on your video.
Production mixes the audio and video files and returns the multilingual version to you according to your exact specifications.
Clients may opt to only hear the interpretation audio on their media or to mix the original audio with the interpretation at an optimal audio ratio e.g., 90/10.

Interpretation Overlay Spectrum: From Overlays to Voice-Overs

  • Regular Overlay: Interpreters review media and record their real-time interpretation in one attempt with scheduled breaks. Ideal for videos with a normal-paced speech and non-technical terminology.
  • Advanced Overlay: We generate a clean transcript of the source speech, which is used by interpreters to rehearse and prepare for complex portions of the presentation ahead of the interpretation overlay. Ideal for high-level events, normal to fast-paced speech and technical terminology.
  • Subtitle-Style Overlay: Our translation team creates a clean source transcript and translates it into the target language following the same process for subtitling. The interpreter then records the interpretation by following the translated script and redoing any required segments for perfect accuracy. Ideal for highly demanding content, fast-paced speech, and very technical terminology.
  • Voice-Overs: Following the above process a perfect transcript is produced in the target language. A professional voiceover actor is selected to record the voiceover based on the client’s language, accent, demographics, and lip synch requirements. Sound engineered to produce stunning studio-grade audio quality, this solution is ideal for commercials, documentaries, movies, and high-end corporate PR videos.

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The Interprenet Advantage: Recorded Audio-Video Interpretation Overlay


What sets us apart is that we are language experts with the linguistic and technical capabilities to deliver pertinent solutions for your non-live and live projects.

Best-In-Class Simultaneous Interpreters

Eligible remote conference interpreters successfully complete Interprenet’s proprietary 5-stage recruitment and quality assurance process to ensure the best simultaneous translation for your event every time.

24/7 Global Support

Tailored technical support during interpretation overlay projects with superior postproduction and project management services.


Interpretation Overlay services can be provided on short notice, even for rare languages.


Interpretation Overlay services are a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to high-end voiceover services.

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