Today, attendees who require translation services for their meeting expect to be able to hear and read everything live in their native language.

Expand the size and engagement of your international audience by adding advanced AI multilingual captions to an event.

Interprenet is a global leader in innovative solutions for meetings and events. We integrate interpretation and captioning technology to provide the most user-friendly language experience for your international audience.

What are Live AI Multilingual Captions?

Sometimes translated captions are thought of as foreign language subtitles. We like to think of translated captions as real time, live streaming text during an actual event.

At Interprenet we recommend interpretation-based AI Captions as the preferred multilingual captioning solution for your event.

Interpretation based AI captions
  • Through proprietary Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and engine learning, we caption our interpreters in their target language on any platform and any device.
  • Through advanced glossary creation, our captioning process understands the interpreter’s pronunciation and displays acronyms, proper names, and rare terms accurately.
  • By offering reliable AI captions at your event, you can provide accessibility, inclusivity and greatly enhance the user experience for all your participants.

Why do users love our interpretation-based captions?
  • Some attendees like to read captions in their native language as a visual aid, while listening directly to the speaker in a different language. Others may select captions in the spoken language and listen to interpretation in their native language.
  • When both live interpretation and multilingual captions are readily available, delegates benefit from many choices to comprehend the message more fully in their language.
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Project Managers were fantastic! They set up clear lines of communication for us during the event. We booked quite last minute and it didn’t phase them at all.

I’ve had a lot of poor experiences with interpretation companies and this has been by far the best experience in my 20+ years of being in the live production event industry (even if this was done for a virtual meeting which is tougher when it comes to interpreters trading off shifts).

Well done Interprenet. I have already recommended your services to other clients and colleagues.

– S.K.,
CCR Solutions

How do Interpreter-based AI captions work?

Remote simultaneous interpreting is scheduled for the desired languages.
Client compiles key meeting content and submits to our translation team for advanced glossary creation.
During the in-person, virtual or hybrid meeting, attendees can enable captions on any platform and any device.
The user can easily combine accurate interpretation and captioning streams based on their preference.

What are other types of AI Multilingual Captions?

In addition to interpreter-based AI captions, there are many types of translated captions available from human-only captions to pure AI captions.

  • Human Captioner to MT: Human captioner transcribes speech in real time and Machine Translation (MT) engine converts into desired language.
  • Speaker ASR to MT: Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) transcribes audio into text and Machine Translation (MT) engine converts into desired language.
  • Advanced ASR and MT Dictionary-Enabled Captioning: Pre-event engine training allows for a significant increase in accuracy levels of speech recognition and Machine Translation (MT) technology during live events.

While there are many translated captions solutions, it’s important to evaluate each event separately to determine the best language solutions for your participants. Please reach out to us today to learn more about your many options.

The Interprenet Advantage: Real-Time, Live AI Captioning Services


We leverage the use of professional human captioners and AI technology to deliver multilingual captions in your preferred combination, on any device, and on any platform.


As forward-thinking innovators, we integrate a variety of language solutions including interpretation, captions and translation to create one amazing user experience for all your participants.


Unlimited numbers of app users, languages and events running at the same time around the world!


Cost-effective captioning options in multiple languages to suit your event budget.

24/7 Global Support

Tailored technical support during events, with superior remote, on-site and project management services enabling organizers to focus solely on achieving their event outcomes.

Reporting and Statistics

Comprehensive analysis of user data provided in user-friendly reports, to help you understand your audience’s level of engagement.

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