Do you need your event captioned in real time for your live and remote audience?

Interprenet offers accurate, live captioning services of spoken content for your meeting or event in many interpreted languages including English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more. Our human captioners average more than 5 years of experience captioning and transcribing live events in real time for remote audiences.

They can caption the same language (English to English or Spanish to Spanish) or they can caption from one language into another language (English to Chinese). Captions may also be generated into valuable written transcriptions in target languages that can be provided upon conclusion of the event or meeting.

If you need live captions for conferences, seminars, or meetings of any size, take advantage of our customized solutions in multiple languages.

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Three Offerings for Live Captioning Services

Real Time Captions. An experienced human live captioner transcribes your meeting or event in the same language it is spoken, making the transcription available with only a slight delay (1-3 seconds) for the time required to caption the spoken content. We describe this as a near verbatim accuracy for captioning. Captioning can be integrated into any remote platform.
Human Live Translated Captions. An experienced human live captioner transcribes your meeting into a language other than the language spoken for your meeting or event. We offer captioning in most languages including Asian, Latin American, and European. There is only a slightly longer delay in order to caption into another language. We describe this as a high level of accuracy for captioning.
AI-Assisted Live Translated Captions. A human English captioner captions the event and artificial intelligence assists by translating the caption into another language. This option is more affordable but it’s accuracy is not nearly as strong due to the use of AI assistance. You can expect a 2–4 second delay in captioning with this live captioning solution.
Real-Time Live Multilingual Captioning (LMC)
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Download the brochure detailing how Interprenet can provide you accurate, live captioning services of spoken content by real people in real time.

Interprenet has provided reliable, responsive, and quality language services for us since 2012.

Interprenet greatly values its customers and goes above and beyond to provide great service. The company is operated by business owners who understand that relationships matter.

– E.R.,
Korey Richardson

The Interprenet Advantage for Real Time Live Captioning Services


Interprenet understands the live event industry. Our captioning services are designed with agility and precision in mind because anything can happen during a live event, and you only have one shot to make it go right.


We have a history in service innovation and bring that experience to every new solution we offer.


Interprenet has rigorous end-to-end systems and processes for live events to ensure quality execution.

  • Our team recruits first-rate human captioners with industry specific knowledge for your industry and event.
  • Events are expertly executed by technical leaders before and during the event.
  • Quality assurance is in place along with accountability and evaluative feedback welcomed by clients with the close of every event.

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