From the legal and corporate worlds to healthcare and education, VRI has become a turnkey solution.

VRI provides high-quality interpreting solutions with minimal setup fees.

What Is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provides end users with interpreting solutions via video and audio.
  • By accessing a secure, online platform, professional interpreters provide high-quality interpreting services to customers in any location, anytime.
  • Although interpreters are not physically present, all those actively on the platform benefit from face-to-face, audio and video remote communication.
  • When an in-person interpreter isn’t available or doesn’t suit your interpreting needs, VRI is a viable, popular interpreting solution.

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When And Where Is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Used?

Here are just some of the ways in which VRI adds value to the interpreting experience.


Business-to-Business (B2B)

As more and more companies connect with stakeholders worldwide, a growing number of business meetings are now held virtually. However, a global audience increases the likelihood of linguistic and cultural misunderstandings — something you certainly want to avoid in a business setting. VRI is ideal for remote conferences, allowing for both speakers and attendees to be heard and understood. Without compromising the interpreting quality or the integrity of the event, VRI allows for greater flexibility than does in-person interpreting. It also offers less administrative burden and reduces overall costs. For these reasons alone, VRI for the corporate world continues to increase in popularity.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Many businesses across industries now communicate with their customers through multiple online channels. And while in many cases this can be cost-effective and efficient, there are times when your customer wants to speak with a knowledgeable human. In fact, in one particular survey, 61% of mobile users reported calling a company directly when they were ready to make a purchasing decision . The study also found that when making a high-value purchase (auto, finance, travel), customers want to speak to a real person. In these scenarios, VRI would be an ideal service to offer your linguistically diverse customer market.


In the United States, English Learners (ELs) now account for roughly 10 percent of all public schools . In some states, this percentage is doubled. However, many rural school communities lack an adequate number of in-person interpreters, while others are home to residents who speak an increased number of rare languages. How, then, are schools ensuring equal access to education? This is where VRI can be especially beneficial. VRI has become a much-needed service to schools, helping EL students receive equal access to education and helping LEP parents communicate in a language they understand.


Did you know that every year, emergency rooms across the United States receive nearly 136 million patient visits ? If 8 percent of these visits are from patients with Limited-English Proficiency (the percentage of the US-LEP population), then every year, ER rooms across the nation arguably treat as many as 27 million people who struggle to communicate in English. By investing in VRI, healthcare providers can swiftly meet the needs of their LEP patients, reduce lengths of stay, and decrease the number of 30-day readmissions. Beyond the hospital setting, VRI can be especially beneficial to outpatient services, including specialty care centers, counseling, behavioral health services and more.


*Although VRI can also be used in a legal setting, it is best if interpreters are pre-scheduled. For our legal clients, we urge you to also consider our Court Certified Interpreting-Remote (CCI-R) service . Read more below.

Every year, the American legal system serves millions of residents and visitors with diverse backgrounds. In some circuits, hundreds of languages are spoken every single day. But the legal system is also quite complex. Add to this, shortages of in-person interpreters (especially interpreters for Languages of Lesser Diffusion — LLD) and we end up with a system of bottlenecks and inefficiencies. But that is where Court Certified Interpreting-Remote (CCI-R) takes center stage. With pre-scheduled CCI-R, court-certified interpreters can be virtually present in the courtroom. This specialized service greatly reduces administrative and logistical challenges for interpreters and courts alike, streamlining court proceedings. Want to learn more? Listen to Interprenet’s CEO, David Medrano speak about CCI-R in “Future Proofing Your Court through Technology” .

How Does Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Work?

With a robust and global network of video remote interpreters , Interprenet specializes in VRI across industries. Whether you require scheduled, short notice, or on-demand video remote interpreting, Interprenet is here for you.

For On-Demand VRI the process is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Access your Interprenet VRI portal via web browser, simply enter your language requirements along with the interpreter’s remote meeting login credentials.
  2. When your meeting begins, the VRI interpreter will log in, you introduce all parties and the premise of the meeting, and the interpreter will interpret this information to your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) person(s).This helps to ensure all parties have clear expectations before your interpretation session begins. There is also an option to dial out to third parties and invite people to the session via email or text message.
  3. The VRI interpreter will then accurately interpret the conversation consecutively.

For pre-scheduled Remote Interpreting (RI) or Certified Court Interpreter Services-Remote (CCI-R) , the process is also as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Contact our scheduling team to request your Certified or Credentialed Interpreter (Court Certified, Medically Certified).
  2. Provide your preferred virtual platform, date, time, and duration for your scheduled meeting.
  3. On the date of your event, log into your preferred virtual platform. Once all parties are present, your interpreter will accurately interpret either consecutively or simultaneously. Please specify before the meeting if you’d like consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.

Whatever your language requirements, Interprenet has the language solutions . Our dedicated team will diagnose your event to quickly identify the perfect language solution for you. Let Interprenet manage your video remote interpreting so you can manage your meeting.

The Interprenet Advantage: Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

What sets Interprenet apart from other VRI Language Services Providers?
Trust and Convenience

Interpret honors your connectivity preferences. We offer our own VRI application to securely connect you to a live, face-to-face interpreter, but we also adapt seamlessly to your preferred device. The choice will always be yours.

Suite of Language Solutions

We are a VRI leader, providing thousands of live, virtual meetings and events each year. Video Remote Interpreting is an integral part of our suite of language solutions. With our companion language solutions, our clients benefit from a full suite of services when and where they need them the most.

Superior Technology

Our user interface is easy to use and ready to go with WIFI, ethernet, or cellular connection, and our software adjusts to your internet speed to maintain and optimize the quality of the network connection. With a secure and encrypted video network, we ensure privacy and security compliance at all times — our technology is highly secure and HIPAA compliant , and we do not require any app to be downloaded.

Successful Partnerships Across Industries

Interprenet supports a growing number of clients across industries, including corporate finance, education, healthcare, medical, and legal. We work closely with you to provide outstanding interpreting support for your business conferences, webinars, events, courtroom proceedings, parent-teacher meetings, healthcare visits and more. Place your trust in Interprenet.

Why Choose Interprenet’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

Available for Scheduled Meetings or On-Demand 24/7/365

Face-to-face, Secure, and Encrypted Video Interpreting

User-friendly Interface adaptable to any device

Robust Network of Vetted and Qualified VRI Interpreters

Real-Time Interpreting

Seamless, Uninterrupted Interpretation

Fully Compliant and Fully Secure

Advanced Technology with Limitless Technical Support

Established, Trusted VRI Provider

Convenient, Per-Minute Billing

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