Head of Sales, Mari Perez, Featured in PinchForth

Joey Cochran|April 30, 2021
Mari Perez, Interprenet's Head of Sales, was recently featured in PinchForth. She shared about how Interprenet adapted its products and services in order to execute a new sales strategy. The team at Interprenet changed their mindset by re-imagining how their products and services could be offered in remote environments.

The article at PinchForth begins:

Obtaining a clear direction for sales through marketing was difficult for many businesses in 2020, with the world changing so drastically. Sometimes, the best thing to do is by adopting a new mindset and starting fresh. With a new way of life, a new strategy for marketing is needed.

After an insightful discussion with Mari Perez, we learned a lot more about how the sales world was affected by Covid-19 and how to drive more sales when there’s uncertainty around us. Mari believes focusing on a change of mindset is the best way to go and provided us with crucial information on how to do so.

In today’s Rediscover Marketing, we got a different outlook on the marketing world in terms of sales. Below is a rundown of the valuable points Mari provided us with and how you may be able to use them yourself...

Read the full article at PinchForth and get more insights from Mari.

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