Benefits of Multilingual Meetings: The Real Power of RSI

Joey Cochran|April 19, 2021
An ever-expanding and globalized world provides new opportunities for businesses and organizations, big or small, to reach new audiences and make an impact with their message. However, it is difficult to accomplish this if there is a language barrier. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation offers a solution to this problem and this solution comes with benefits. While some might be content to provide services and products for people within their own language group, this approach grossly limits opportunities for market growth and the ability to maximize cultural synergy. Market growth and cultural synergy are two key benefits of holding multilingual meetings with live interpretation.

Market Growth

Crossing from one language group to another is no small task for a company or organization. However, those that do so have the opportunity to make great gains in market growth. What if your product or service more effectively reached its target audience simply by providing interpretation in another language? Recently, Interprenet provided multilingual support for one government organization that saw attendance in a routine meeting quadruple. How? They offered interpretation in one other language to reach their target audience more effectively. Offering interpretation in meetings has a strategic opportunity to enlarge your organization's reach and tap into markets previously untapped by your products or services. This is only one of the potential benefits offered by Remote Simultaneous Interpretation.

Cultural Synergy

Have you ever had a meeting where your team kicks around an idea until there is a noteworthy shift in the synergy around it? The momentum growing around the power of that idea influences and shapes your project. Something similar happens when people gather and communicate across a language barrier through the power of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. A noticeable cultural synergy exists when two people who do not share the same language are suddenly able to communicate. Those watching the interaction see the surprise and excitement that occurs when the language barrier is overcome. This sort of synergy cannot be reproduced through written translated correspondence, which is tedious and time-intensive. It requires a live meeting. The effect of matching bodily emotion and expression with speech offers a synergistic momentum for everyone in the audience. This creates an energy that enhances interaction. However, let's say you have an audience of a dozen meeting attendees and there are four languages that require interpretation. Can you imagine the sort of dynamic that takes place when four people speaking four different languages understand one another in a constant give and take conversation? The cultural synergy from this interchange is dramatic and powerful.

Test-Drive the Power of RSI

Market growth and cultural synergy are two benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. These are two outstanding reasons why your company or organization should give the power of RSI a test-drive. If you wish to tap new markets for growth and want to give your next meeting a shot of cultural synergy, then set up a demo with someone from our team today.

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