Keys to Successful Interpretation: Platform Agility and Expertise

Joey Cochran|January 19, 2021
There are countless virtual platforms a company may use to host an online meeting or conference. Each platform has its own virtues and features that set it apart from its competitors. Many companies are committed to a particular platform for legal, security, and contractual reasons. Other companies are more agile and have the luxury of shifting platforms depending on the circumstances.

However, few platforms are flexible enough to host or integrate remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI). Global commerce and policy demands the capability to break through language barriers by offering solutions like interpretation services.

For this reason and through their long-term partnership, Interprenet and Interprefy continue to lead the way forward by integrating innovative interpretation solutions into all meeting platforms with unparalleled quality. The recently released Interprefy Select--a revolutionary desktop application--makes online meetings with interpretation seamless and on any platform.  Users attend their meeting on their platform of choice while listening to live interpretation through Interprefy Select, all on the same device. Unlike Interprefy, other platforms were not designed with the unique needs of simultaneous interpreters in mind. Since Interprefy is powered to optimize the interpreters’ experience and to deliver world-class interpretation, it is the best interpretation tool to integrate with your meeting platform.

Interprefy relies on Interprenet to supply and manage a global network of accredited conference interpreters trained to provide outstanding RSI services in any language. In fact, as an authority on interpretation, Interprenet has always been on the cutting edge of delivering live language solutions for meetings and events.  Long before the Covid-19 Pandemic altered the way we communicate, Interprenet mastered the craft of platform agility and leveraged it to fill the growing needs of clients who met in-person or remotely. If you can think of a meeting platform, whether it is Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, to name a few popular ones, you can bet Interprenet has integrated remote simultaneous interpretation into that platform.

Interprenet’s sales team, project management, and technical support have developed unmatched expertise as consultants to clients. Our clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, who regularly seek out our team’s industry knowledge to identify the right solution for their event requiring remote simultaneous interpretation. Moreover, our specialists prioritize end user experience and propose the simplest and most reliable way for our customers to enjoy quality interpretation during their conference.

If you are planning a meeting or event in 2021 that requires simultaneous interpretation, work with Interprenet. Trust us to understand.

Joey Cochran is Manager of Marketing and Communication at Interprenet.

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