Meet Alex Kociper

Joey Cochran|May 26, 2021
Alex Kociper is a Technical Leader in Professional Services. He received a Bachelor of Arts at Columbia College Chicago. He studied in Columbia's Audio Arts & Acoustics program. His concentration was in Live and Installed Sound. The unique educational experience gave him distinct knowledge to work in the live events industry.

He has eight years of experience working live events, concerts, political rallies and simultaneous interpretation events, both as a freelance audio engineer and a full time production company employee. Alex's event experience ranges from small conference meetings and specialized private events to a 100,000 person audience music festival. He has a passion for superior audio quality and leveraging new technology to improve the overall live event experience.

Alex is excited to work at Interprenet because Interprenet is at the forefront of remote simultaneous interpretation, among many other services. Interprenet has an international presence that provides an opportunity for all types of people and cultures to communicate seamlessly. As a technical lead, every new project has its unique challenges and needs. He is part of the solution for events that no longer have to worry about a language barrier. Alex enjoys utilizing new technology, his creativity, and his experience to solve issues.

In his free time, Alex plays drums in a few different bands. He has had a passion for drumming since 11 years old and is fortunate to have musician friends to collaborate with in different genres such as Rock, Jazz, Hi-Hop, Americana, and Funk. He is an avid golfer and spends weekends on hiking trails and outdoors.

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