Meet Dave Bermudez

Joey Cochran|March 7, 2021
Dave is an Account Manager in the Sales Department at Interprenet. Dave studied a Bachelor of Science in Health and Performance Science at the University College Dublin. He is currently completing a diploma in Corporate Finances. He started his career by leveraging interpersonal skills in customer-centric roles. He provided both customer and technical support for large tech brands like Logitech. Employing his fluency in English, he provided English classes in corporate and domestic settings, which proved useful in establishing connections and learning daily from C-class executives. Ultimately, the sales bug bit him when he had the opportunity to sell cruise tickets directly to customers. He hasn't looked back since. There are countless reasons to enjoy working at Interprenet. From day one, he was welcomed with open arms and given every opportunity to learn and expand his skillset. Dave says, "The level of integrity of my colleagues spread across the globe makes it very motivating to come to work and bring the best version of myself." Working remotely comes with its downsides but the company has a very open culture that makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone. Dave has enjoyed partaking in sports and exercise ever since he did martial arts as a child. While living in Mexico, he has kept his language competency (and sanity) sharp by reading content of all sorts. He really enjoys novels and non-fiction books. Listening to subject experts discuss and debate on YouTube is slowly becoming a favorite pass time of his.

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