Meet Mari Perez

Joey Cochran|February 2, 2021
Mari is Head of the the Sales Department. She studied Business Administration with a minor in Finance and a major in Music Business Administration from Berklee College of Music. She also has a degree in Project Management from the Project Management Institute (PMI). She worked in Finance, the pharmaceutical industry, and the automotive industry before arriving at Interprenet. Her years in the automotive industry was where she began specializing in creating and developing effective sales teams. Mari loves working for Interprenet because languages have always opened doors for her, personally and professionally. She enjoys helping others better communicate, understand, and make a difference in the world. She believes Interprenet has outstanding people. Interprenet feels like family to her. Interprenet's management team is second to none and she's felt valued by her employer and colleagues during her time at Interprenet. Mari is obsessed with music. She is particularly fond of rock, metal, swing, jazz and opera music. She is a trained opera singer and almost pursued a career in music. She cannot live without a cup of coffee during her day, and she has been a vegetarian more than half of her life. She is a huge animal rights advocate, and often does social service for her community primarily helping blind and mentally disabled kids and adults. She inspires to learn to speak proficient German.

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