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Computer and Electronics industries are highly competitive, with manufacturers all over the world vying for market share. To get ahead, you need a multinational sales approach, expanding brand reach into new international markets. Interpreter services are key to a successful export strategy, and it’s important to work with a company that understands the unique challenges faced to ensure successful execution.

Challenges Faced Within the Computer and Electronics Industry

Thanks to the Internet, products can be sold on a global basis – which makes it even more vital to have a multilingual online strategy in place. Consumers prefer to buy products in their native language, and could be reluctant to buy from a website that did not tailor to their needs. This is a common industry challenge most often faced, along with:

  • Tight production deadlines
  • Strict regulations, which call for absolute precision and accessibility in printed materials
  • Competition among manufacturers world-wide, all vying for market share
  • Competitive pressure to change the look and feel of products
  • Reaching more consumers at a faster rate
  • Reducing costs

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Services for Computer and Electronics

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is the go-to solution for language interpretation in the Computer and Electronics industry. Powered by a cloud-based platform, RSI delivers quality interpretation services for your event or business need at a fraction of the cost for on-site simultaneous interpretation.

Our team has experience providing interpretation and translation services for the following:

  • Conferences, webinars and webcasts
  • Technical specification discussions
  • User manuals and quick start guides
  • Marketing materials
  • Packaging
  • Warranty information
  • Hardware collateral
  • Patents
  • Safety materials
  • Audio/video recordings
  • And more!

Benefits of Online Interpreters and Translators

Whether you’re in the process of creating multilingual user experiences, or negotiating with a foreign manufacturing company, you need a remote interpreter online who is accurate, reliable and possesses industry-specific knowledge in the required language combination.

The benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpreter Services for Computer and Electronics Industries include:

  • Lowers cost and simplifies setup at events
  • Provides a seamless experience for the customer
  • Helps maintain a competitive advantage
  • Higher return on investment
  • Meet the never-ending demand for new technological products

Industries Served:

  • Audio, Video and Photography
  • Computers, Parts and Repair
  • Consumer Electronics, Parts and Repair
  • IT and Network Services and Support
  • Instruments and Controls
  • Network Security Products
  • Networking Equipment and Systems
  • Office Machinery and Equipment
  • Peripherals Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor and Microchip Manufacturing
  • Other Computer and Electronics

Why Choose Interprenet?

  • Fast Turnaround Times – We pride ourselves on the ability to conduct fast turnaround times. We pledge to always abide by our anticipated schedule and time frame.
  • Affordable Rates – Pricing for interpretation services can be complex, but at Interprenet, we make it simple. We will always provide transparent pricing that breaks down the standards set forth by the industry.
  • Expert and Industry-Educated Interpreters – We provide each of our computer and electronics clients with an interpreter who has experience in this specific industry. This ensures your interpretation or translation will be 100% accurate and up to industry-standard best practices.
  • Unmatched Quality – All of our professional linguists have been thoroughly screened for a proven record of bilingual expertise, seamless translation and a thorough knowledge of nuances, idiomatic expressions ad vocabularies.

Reach New Heights with Interpretation Services from Interprenet!

Interprenet is the best choice for fast, affordable and reliable computer and electronics interpreting services. Our highly skilled team of interpreters, translators and subject matter experts are ready and excited to help your company expand and succeed.

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