Conferences, Meetings & Events

InterpreNet is a leading provider of language services in the United States offering a full range of interpretation, equipment and project management solutions for conferences of all sizes.

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Through the years, we have developed a network of the most capable and talented simultaneous conference interpreters worldwide. Recruited for both their linguistic talent and excellent customer service skills, you can count on our interpreters to make your event a success.

Our project managers will guide you so that all the technological requirements of your event are also met, regardless of the number of languages, breakout rooms, or duration of your conference. We can supply all the necessary simultaneous interpretation equipment and provide on-the-ground support during the event to efficiently manage large groups of interpreters, technicians and receiver assistants.

Conventions & Trade Shows

We are a leading provider of convention and trade show interpreters and translators in the United States. Whether you are a visitor, exhibitor or a convention planner, you can trust InterpreNet to understand your language requirements. We can provide a cost-effective solution to facilitate communication between all parties, regardless of their country of origin.

If you are a convention planner, whether you need one interpreter for a particular language, or several translators for multiple languages, we can design a customized product that will maximize interpretation coverage at the lowest possible cost. We are equipped to handle large-scale events and we can meet all of your linguistic, logistical and insurance requirements.

If you are an exhibitor, our interpreters can welcome visitors to your booth, translate expertly for you and your customers and convey the value of your products and services faithfully.

Our convention and trade show interpreters are chosen for their superior interpretation skills and their commitment to outstanding customer service, as well as their interpersonal skills.

Guide & Hospitality

InterpreNet works with a select group of professional guide and hospitality interpreters with excellent customer service skills, sound knowledge of the destination city, and strong cultural sensitivity.

Our guide and hospitality interpreters are ideal for meet-and-greet situations, airport and hotel transfer services, city and company tours, receptions and formal gala events.

Whether you are attending a convention, a private business meeting or visiting a potential client our interpreters will assist you by bridging the language gap and making you feel more at home. If you are planning an evening reception for a foreign government delegation our guide and hospitality interpreters have that perfect balance of professional and linguistic expertise to facilitate interpretation during casual and non-technical conversations.

Our guide and hospitality interpreters are chosen for their cultural understanding as well as their familiarity with both local and foreign social norms. Many of our interpreters even master three or even four languages.

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