Conference Interpreting

Whether you’re planning for a company event or a large international conference, you need a reliable interpreter service you can trust to meet market demands. Interprenet has helped many meeting planners, event coordinators and individuals fulfill their multilingual needs in more than 200 languages with conference interpreting.

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What is Conference Interpreting?

Conference interpreting is a specialized skill done by a professional translation expert that allows communication between the speaker and a group of event attendees. Conference interpreters are tasked with listening to the context of what the speaker is saying and accurately interpreting it in the target language, while preserving the integrity of the message.

Why Use Conference Interpretation Services?

If your business has gone global, meeting with company representatives from all over the world to collaborate is now essential. By using conference interpreter services, your business will be able to function in today’s global market. With interpretation services supporting your meetings and events,  you can break down the language barrier and step into success.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire Conference Interpreters:

  1. The planner of events and meetings must secure true communication among participants.
  2. Speakers have to rest assure that they will be understood, as well as understand others.
  3. An increased need exists to host conferences for potential business partners and clients from all over the world.
  4. Pressure is added to show respect for understanding another country’s language and assure them that your messages will be conveyed in an appropriate manner.
  5. Misinterpretation can cause costly mistakes down the road (i.e. Misunderstanding critical negotiation terms or accidentally mistaking an agreement for a rejection).

Aside from your average multilingual Conference, interpreter services are also beneficial for:

  • Board Meetings
  • Trade Show
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Press Conferences
  • Consultations
  • General Conversations
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Large conferences
  • Community Meetings
  • Business Gatherings
  • Trainings
  • International Business Meetings

Why Type of Conference Interpretation Do I Need?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

  • When staging a large conference, the most effective way to translate into a target language is through the use of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). RSI allows individuals to utilize devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, and listen to translated content in real time like everyone else in the room.
  • Given the ease of set-up, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is even available on short-notice (an advantage over Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation). This quick turnaround gives event planners more flexibility with planning and scheduling.
  • RSI services are brought to event attendees digitally, which means companies can present to multilingual audiences at a single conference without the need for traditional booths and onsite equipment. This in turn, saves planners much more time and money regarding transportation and set up at event venues.
  • Interprenet leverages interpreting platforms such as Interprefy, to provide these online simultaneous interpreting solutions. This service allows our native linguists to join different conferences, regardless of their physical location.

Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation

  • When you think of conference interpretation services, Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation (OSI) is probably what comes to mind first. Event interpreters travel on-location to your trade show, event, or conference to facilitate communication between your brand and attendees in real-time. Our contracted linguists are professionally trained and versed in 200 languages.
  • If in-person conference interpretation may not be the best-fit for your event, consider reaching out to our team to learn more about the benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation and how it can streamline your event in an efficient manner.

Remote Consecutive Interpretation

  • Remote Consecutive Interpretation (RCI) works best for smaller groups or one-on-one conversations. In this form of interpretation, the linguist, who works remotely, waits until after the speaker is finished delivering their message before relaying it to the audience members in the target language.
  • Remote Consecutive Interpretation has the advantage of being more like a conversation, with both parties being able to speak without being interrupted. However, it does take about twice the amount of time, compared to Simultaneous Interpretation, since the interpreter has to wait until each party finishes speaking.

Onsite Consecutive Interpretation

  • Onsite Consecutive Interpretation (OCI) is often necessary in smaller conferences or meetings where people who speak different languages are going to be present. OCI is structured so that after a speaker finishes a sentence or two, he or she pauses while the interpreter relays the message into the target language to those who need interpreting.
  • OCI differs from RCI in that the interpreter is actually physically present and in the same room as the attendees of the conference. If you decide this is the best service for your event, be sure to take into consideration the extra time it will add onto your event.

What Type of Conference Interpretation Equipment is Needed?

  • Whisper Equipment: This is the most basic simultaneous interpreting equipment and consists of simple headsets with receivers and a microphone with a transmitter. The interpreter is typically in a location away from the attendees and whispers what is being said into the microphone, which is then transmitted to the audiences’ headsets
    • Ideal for:
      • Meetings
      • Trainings
      • Lectures
      • Small Seminars
  • Table Top Booth: This type of interpreting booth is placed on top of a sturdy table. The interpreter sits at the table with the top half of their body and interpreting equipment inside the booth. Table top booths are small, portable and can be easily assembled by one person.
    • Ideal for:
      • Small venues
      • Venues where setup time may be a factor
  • Full Interpreter Booth: These are standalone enclosures with a floor, four walls, ceiling, door and its own ventilation system. The major benefit to this type of conference interpretation equipment is that it is fully soundproof, ensuring that the interpreters do not disturb audience members.
    • Ideal for:
      • Large conferences and events

Tips for Planning a Conference or Event That Requires Interpreter Services:

  1. Determine which interpretation solution is best for your event; Simultaneous or Consecutive.
  2. Determine which type of interpreting equipment is best suited depending on the nature of your event.
  3. Schedule your conference interpreter service far in advance to avoid rush delivery fees and to provide enough time for the agency to confirm the best matched interpreter.
  4. Provide your interpreter with conference materials ahead of time so they can properly prepare.
  5. Remind your conference speaker to not speak too quickly and ensure they enunciate all words so the interpreter clearly understands and accurately conveys the message.
  6. Allow more time for interpreted communication; being rushed leads to ineffective communication in any setting.
  7. Be aware of cultural factors.
  8. Refrain from using slang, idioms, acronyms or metaphors, such cultural phrases may not translate well into the target language.

Available Conference Interpreter Services:

  1. Business Meetings
  2. Small and Large Conferences
  3. Focus Groups
  4. Sales Conferences
  5. Social Events
  6. Trade Shows
  7. Workshops
  8. Guided Tours
  9. Expositions
  10. Presentations
  11. Product Launches
  12. Public Meetings

And more!

5 Reasons to Choose Interprenet

  1. Developed network of the most capable and talented conference interpreters worldwide.
  2. Team of project managers that will guide you to meet all technological requirements.
  3. We supply all necessary conference interpretation equipment and provide on-the-ground support during events to efficiently manage large groups.
  4. Always offer a consistent cost-effective solution to facilitate communication between all parties.
  5. We are equipped to handle large-scale events.

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From business meetings held in board rooms, to keynote sessions taking place at a multinational conference, events of all sizes can benefit from interpreter services. Partnering with a professional organization like Interprenet will ensure not only that your event is a huge success overall, but that every participant is satisfied.

At Interprenet, we are committed to making every conference, meeting and event go smoothly, and our world-class quality interpreter services can attest. Make your next conference a great success and assure your guests that they’ll be in the hands of expert interpreters, with extensive experience and knowledge in your particular niche.

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