Health Industry Interpreter Services

The health, pharmaceutical and biotech world has its own language. Translating that across foreign languages, while also ensuring security, confidentiality and quality, requires professional expertise and know-how. Interprenet offers that experience. Our interpreter services are in-tune with the healthcare industry, with a focus on the translation of conferences, investigator meetings and webcasts.

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Challenges Faced in the Health, Pharma and Biotech Industries

Regulatory bodies heavily oversee that medical products undergo the necessary testing and documentation before making their way overseas. When it comes to fulfilling these requirements, quality and risk management are often the most important factors, followed by many other unique challenges.

Challenges in Healthcare:

  • High costs for virtual patient platforms
  • Stable but minimum revenue growth
  • Patients looking for both personalized but affordable healthcare
  • Industry changing from “being sick” to “being well”
  • Creating/maintaining high value for customers
  • Need to become tech savvy due to customer demand

Challenges in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech:

  • New business models required due to decreased prices
  • Need for strategic tech partners in order to expand globally
  • Platform facilitation for innovation and global collaboration to reduce costs
  • Data protection
  • Transformation from a product sector to a service sector
  • Change the paradigm from being traditional to tech savvy

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Health, Pharma and Biotech

Due to its lower costs, the most effective form of interpretation for the health, pharmaceutical and biotech industries is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). RSI is the process of interpreting one language into another, while it is being said, using powerful cloud-based technology from anywhere around the world.

Through the use of RSI, our experts are able to interpret even the most complex medical translations including the following:

  • Outsourcing for clinical trials to drive revenue
  • Investigator meetings
  • Regulatory approval
  • Marketing materials, including website content, brochures, advertisements and promotional materials.
  • Medical device instructions
  • Experimental data
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Pharmaceutical research, reports and training manuals
  • Conferences, webcasts and clinical trial documentation
  • Treatment instructions
  • Discharge summaries
  • Data sheets
  • Physical examination reports

Benefits of Healthcare Interpretation Services

Important medical documents, doctor manuals, intense situations, prescription information and patient records, translated accurately, enable the healthcare industry to provide first-rate information. When wanting to expand globally, these businesses find interpretation services a big help, as they can get all their communication material translated into the language spoken in their target country.

With the help of interpreting services, your business can:

  • Reduce labor costs through international staffing
  • Protect consumer confidentiality through a secure platform
  • Collaborate between companies and countries that provide value, knowledge and expertise
  • Be viewed as a tech savvy industry
  • Maintain a competitive advantage of data protection
  • Create a digital culture within the company

Industries Served

  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Doctors and Health Care Practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Outpatient Care Centers
  • Personal Health Care Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Residential and Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Veterinary Clinics and Services
  • Other Health, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

Why Choose Interprenet?

As a top choice for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, we know that in this industry there is no margin for error. Our team is well educated on both the subject matter, and the attention to detail that is required, and we make it our goal to work efficiently within fast regulatory timelines.

  • Quality: Our trained interpreters are well-educated in the health, pharma and biotech industry, which means we can easily understand complex, scientific and medical jargon, and seamlessly translate that accurately into each respective language.
  • Ensured Security and Confidentiality: Interprenet provides the highest standards in security and confidentiality for all interpretation services.
  • Guaranteed Regulatory Approval: Our interpretations will always be accurate and will follow target health authority guidelines.
  • Diverse Languages: Our expert interpreters can translate more than 200 languages, which ultimately helps you reach a rather large demographic.

Take Your Health Solutions Across Borders Today!

Whether you’re looking to take your business into Japan, United Kingdom, China, India or anywhere in between, Interprenet has the resources to help you harmonize international standards and grow your business successfully.

Interpreter services for health, pharma and biotech are highly technical and demand accuracy. Trusting your confidential documents and data to just anyone simply won’t do. When you choose Interprenet, you can be sure that the interpreting services you receive will be professional and accurate at every stage.

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