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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for Market Research Companies

Interprenet has been providing global interpretation solutions to the market research industry since 2003. Companies rely on Interprenet for high quality interpretation services available remotely and onsite. In recent years, Interprenet has become a leader in remote simultaneous interpretation, a revolutionary and cost-effective service which is highly recommend for any market research company requiring professional simultaneous interpretation.

What is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) for market research?

Remote simultaneous interpretation is the smart solution for delivering live translation excellence to your on-premise or remote market research session at a fraction of the cost.

Professionally trained human interpreters leverage the use of our cloud-based technology platform to provide high quality interpretation to your market research meeting anytime and anywhere in the world.


What are the benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for the market research industry?

    1. Observers can listen to the simultaneous interpretation on our smartphone application or any electronic device.
    2. Observers who cannot be present at the event site, can watch and listen to the live simultaneous interpretation from anywhere around the world.
    3. Ideal for focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic and user experience research.
    4. For on-premise meetings easy setup just requires a laptop, a professional microphone and a reliable internet connection to upload video and audio to the remote interpreters.
    5. Great for online meetings. Remote moderators and respondents can participate remotely, while third parties watch live and listen to the simultaneous interpretation.
    6. Clients can use their preferred web conferencing platform to stream audio and video to interpreters or use InterpreNet’s speaker interface.
  1. Available for both monolingual meetings (everyone speaking in the same language during session) and multilingual meetings (moderator or interviewer speaks in one language, while respondent or interviewee responds in a different language).
  2. Per-session rates are available making it easy to prepare interpretation estimates to end clients.
  3. Competitive all-inclusive rates per session make RSI a better solution than traditional on-site simultaneous interpretation.
  4. No need for additional equipment at the market research facility like portable transmitters and wireless receivers. Observers listen on our smartphone or tablet application or any electronic device of their choice.
  5. Sessions can be recorded with interpretation audio overlay and delivered to client shortly after the end of each session.
  6. Services can be booked on shorter notice than traditional onsite interpreters.
  7. The same experienced interpreters can be used for sessions that take place anywhere around the world to ensure consistency and fluency in the level of interpretation. No need to fly the interpreter out or to worry about local availability of interpreters.
  8. Professionally Trained Conference Interpreters for Remote and Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation with an average of 3 years’ experience in simultaneous interpretation.


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