Interpreter Services for Nonprofits and NGOs

Communication is the key to success for any nonprofit organization or NGO. We understand that your ability to effectively perform specific duties may entirely depend on your capacity to accurately communicate with foreign language speakers.  With strong ties to local, national and international organizations, Interprenet’s nonprofit interpreter service will help bridge the language gap and increase your reach worldwide.
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Challenges Faced Within the Nonprofit Industry:

Nonprofits are uniquely shaped by their goals, community, history and size. But leaders of these organizations often times find themselves running into the same challenges that limit their ability to advance their mission.

  • Limited budget
  • Keeping costs low
  • Limited time to accomplish all that needs to get done
  • Fear of sacrificing quality when branching out into new endeavors
  • The need to deliver your message on a global scale
  • Maintaining conscious attentiveness to details

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Services for Nonprofit

The most effective form of interpretation for nonprofits to expand globally is Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI).  RSI is a cloud-based platform that enables industry-specialized linguists to interpret in real-time from anywhere in the world and the content is streamed to anyone that wants to partake in the event and needs language translation. Participants can connect to the event using their smartphone.

Our interpretation and translation services for nonprofit covers:

  • Websites
  • Conferences
  • Marketing Materials
  • Documents
  • Employee Training and eLearning
  • Annual Reports
  • Multimedia (Videos, Audio-Video Guides and More)
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Community Advocacy
  • Welfare Policies
  • Rights and Entitlements
  • Research Work

Benefits of Nonprofit Interpretation Services

Money and time always seem in short supply, but the demand for your work continues to grow. The bottom line of many nonprofit organizations is to save lives or make an impact on humanity. In order to focus on your work’s goals, it’s important to have someone trusting to rely on to focus on handling the interpretation of our company needs.

Interprenet is your solution. We have gained the trust from nonprofits all around the world, helping them translate their work into target languages using our interpreter services.

Our previous clients have reaped many benefits from interpreter services, including:

  • Cost-effective and efficient solution to make your budget go further
  • Builds a stronger brand perception by your stakeholders, constituents and donors
  • Ensures sensitive information will be available when they are needed
  • Offers access to information, events and services to the non-English speakers in your community
  • Opens the door to different cultures who have the power to bring new energy and ideas to your organization
  • Helps raise awareness for your mission on a global scale

Industries Served:

  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations and Foundations
  • Professional Associations
  • United Nations
  • World Bank
  • Religious Organizations
  • Social and Membership Organizations
  • Trade Groups and Labor Unions
  • Other Nonprofit


Why Choose Interprenet?

Caring and effective communication is a necessary condition of success for any nonprofit organization. With Interprenet, you will always have a partner you can be confident in get your translation needs met flawlessly, securely and within a timely manner.

  • TRUSTING: Interprenet has earned the trust of some of the world’s most highly respected nonprofits by consistently providing accurate interpreting services in over 200 languages. Our services provide an extra layer of security so you can rest assured your information is kept safe.
  • PASSIONATE: Our culturally savvy team gets extra excited to work on causes with missions that make the world a better place, therefore we are passionate in helping your business advance its’ goals.
  • CREDIBLE & RELIABLE: Our professional interpreters are highly-experienced working with programs and projects that aim to facilitate economic, political, legal and social reforms worldwide. Selected for their exceptional language skills and their high level of specialization, our interpreters have worked for international programs in areas of education, government, employment, law, industry, democracy and journalism.

Open the Door to Global Audiences and Donors!

Interprenet is proud of the work we do on behalf of nonprofit organizations. Our experience working in this industry has given us a unique insight into the type of service you expect and how to deliver it in the most-cost effective manner. Our rates are competitive and fall within your funding requirements.

We are confident that when you let us handle your interpretation needs, in the long term we can save you time and money by matching the right language specialist to your program and letting you focus on what you do best.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services is the proven way to move forward. Give us a try by scheduling a FREE demo and see for yourself how beneficial these services are to branching out into international markets!

Please email us or call us today at +1 877-808-5030 for a complimentary consultation.