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Technology is a world of its own, and it’s one that continues to move fast. Whether you’re a well-established software or internet business or a new disruptive startup, you need interpreter services. Interprenet has the right platform to service high tech interpreting needs for conferences, webinars and webcasts or translating documents.

Challenges Faced by the Software and Internet Industry

All across the globe, consumers have become programmed to expect software launches and updates simultaneously. If there is even a slight delay from the initial source-language launch, it can result in significant losses of revenue from both new and current customers.

This is just one of the many challenges faced within the Software and Internet Industry when attempting to reach international markets. Without the use of interpretation services, other challenges include:

  • Products not understood properly in global markets
  • Pressure to meet international demands for products on every type of device in multiple languages
  • Adapting software to new locales
  • Fear of patents not being properly translated
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services for the Software and Internet Industry

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is a disruptive new cloud-based technology that allows participants and attendees to listen to a translation in real time on their smartphones. From annual international conferences to weekly virtual meetings, RSI has quickly become one of the most preferred modes of language interpreting services for the software and internet industry due to its versatile and intuitive user experience.

At Interprenet, we have experience utilizing RSI to interpret:

  • Conferences, Webinars and Webcasts
  • Applications and Platforms
  • Software Documentation
  • User Interfaces
  • Business Plans
  • Video Game Localization
  • Marketing Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Service Agreements
  • Global Communication

Benefits of Software and Internet Interpreter Services

Through the use of RSI, you’re able to accelerate the production of software for international markets by effectively managing process and workflows. RSI allows you to following industry best practices for version and quality control, which contribute to the many benefits of interpreting services:

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Host massive audiences
  • Groundbreaking fusion of human interpretation and technology
  • Improve overall communication in multiple languages
  • Translate more for less
  • Stay current with constantly changing industry trends
  • Meet customer demands simultaneously
  • Increase brand loyalty

Industries Served

  • Data Analytics, Management and Internet
  • E-Commerce and Internet Business
  • Games and Gaming
  • Software
  • Other Software and Internet Industries

Who Choose Interprenet?

From large-scale enterprise software to mobile applications, Interprenet specializes in providing remote interpretation services in over 200 languages to help you successfully adapt your product or software overseas and engage customers worldwide.

  • Since 2003, we have employed technical linguists with advanced degrees and industry experience in software-related subject matter.
  • Our quality assurance system adheres to the strictest confidentiality and security standards both for the interpretation and the cloud-based technology that supports our services.
  • We provide transparent and affordable prices
  • Our interpreters are reliably consistent, especially during any challenges that may arise.

Experience the Magic of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation First-Hand!

In order to succeed globally in the software and internet industry, the translated product or service should have the look and feel of one that was originally developed for the target language. At Interprenet, we help you achieve just that.

Power fast, quality translations without breaking your budget. Request a FREE quote for our interpreting services today and receive an accurate localization solution you can TRUST!

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