Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

The quality of simultaneous interpretation requires the proper equipment to be in place to ensure that the interpretation reaches your intended audience without a glitch.

Translation equipment is ideal for conferences, business meetings, training workshops, plant tours and study tours and essentially wherever you require simultaneous interpretation. Depending on the type of event and your existing budget, we help you to determine the optimal level of equipment necessary to make your project successful yet cost-effective.

  • Portable Equipment

Our portable equipment is recommended for groups that are constantly on the move, traveling to multiple locations to attend lectures, workshops and meetings. Portable systems include lightweight receivers, headphones or earbuds, and powerful handheld transmitters with comfortable microphones for the interpreters and speakers. Our compact carrying cases include a charging station and are perfect for sets of up to 40 receivers. Everything fits conveniently in one case and you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries anymore! Throughout the rental period you have the peace of mind that technical support is readily available one phone call away. Contact us today to inquire further about renting our portable systems. 

  • Stationary Equipment

Stationary Equipment is recommended for events that are taking place in one main room or venue. It includes RF or Infrared Transmitters which offer a greater range of coverage than portable equipment. A stationary setup also offers sound isolation for the interpreters in the form of soundproof booths or tabletops. This means that the audience will only hear the interpreters through the headphones and wireless receivers provided. Contact us today to inquire further about renting our stationary systems. 

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) can substantially reduce the cost of traditional simultaneous interpretation services. With our RSI service, attendees at a conference are able to listen to the interpretation using digital wireless receivers while the interpreters work remotely from anywhere around the world. The advantage of RSI is that clients do not have to rent as much equipment and can avoid the interpreters’ travel costs. To learn more please visit our RSI page.

  • Turnkey Solutions for Conference Interpretation Services

At InterpreNet we are ready to assist you with world class interpretation equipment, conference interpreters and expert technical support around the globe.  Our project managers have a brilliant track record of tackling projects of any size from corporate boardroom meetings with one language combination to conferences with multiple languages, several booths, and thousands of wireless receivers.

Depending on the number of general sessions and breakout sessions at your conference, we can provide the necessary technicians as well as receiver assistants to manage the distribution of receivers and headphones efficiently. For large events we always recommend to have one of our project managers on-site for the necessary coordination of the multiple interpretation services being provided.  

Please email us or call us today at 877-928-1188 for a complimentary consultation.  


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