Language Proficiency Evaluation

Our array of innovative interpretation solutions is made complete with our commitment to evaluating the language proficiency of our interpreters and bilingual assistants. Before hiring an applicant to work as an interpreter or a bilingual assistant, we conduct a thorough evaluation of their language proficiency in all of their stated languages. We also offer our Language Proficiency Evaluation (LPE) service to clients who wish to evaluate the foreign language skills of existing or potential employees.  

Language Proficiency Services are recommended to organizations or companies servicing a foreign or international clientele. They are ideal to evaluate the foreign language proficiency of existing or potential employees at law firms, sales teams targeting foreign markets; administrative staff for multinational corporations as well as hospitals and doctor’s offices among others. Contact us today to learn more about various options for Language Proficiency Evaluation services.

InterpreNet is a market leader in providing interpretation solutions. This means we are in the business of carefully screening all of our linguists and bilingual contractors for language competency.  We have developed a cost-effective but reliable system to make sure you know the level of foreign language fluency of your staff as well as jobseekers. 

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